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I'm not sure if this is in the right place, though I hope there is a place for it somewhere.

Today in New Zealand its the 11th September.

I wanted to make a note for anyone to give their thoughts, or anyone who just wanted a moment to remember those who arent around today.

In New Zealand, we were.... lucky.. enough, not to be a part of this day, there arent many of us, honestly, who have people in USA, and considerably less who had anyone they really knew, lost. I remember the week before, I was watching a movie on TV that was made to look like a 'real life' news report on aliens landing on earth. When 911 came about I turned the tv on see what I thought was another movie the same, about a tragedy in USA. At first I barely glanced at it, then I watched, thinking it was well done and I got interested. The moment I realised that it was real, I logged online to find many of my friends not logged in, and those that were, were either too upset to talk, or in a state of shock.

I felt really bad for thinking it was a movie, but I feel worse for anyone over there who lost friends or family to everything that happened. Tonight and tomorrow America as a whole will be in both mine and my daughters thoughts.

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On Behalf of those of us who lost friends and family in 9/11, thank you for your thoughts.
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I can still remember were I was and exactly what I was doing when this happened. One of my managers came into the room I worked in and told us.. We thought he was joking, we soon realized he was not. About ten minutes or so later the phones went mad.. I worked in a call center for a UK mobile phone network.

My thoughts to are with the family's of those who lost loved ones and friends on this day...
Thanks Mindy, for making this post.

I remember exactly where I was when it was happening. I was sitting in front of the television on maternal leave, and suddenly the news reports came flooding in. I got to watch the second plane fly into the tower, in real time, live feed. After that, I could barely tear my eyes away from the set, waiting. I sat there watching the news repeat itself hour after hour, listened to people in shock testify to their witness of the events.

I don't live in New York, but my grandfather was from there, so it's not too far away from me in that sense. I didn't lose anyone, but several people I know have been on tours of duty related to the events that transpired on that day seven years ago. Gah, has it been that long already?

To those whom have lost a loved one to this tragedy, and to those whose loved one(s) may be overseas because of it, I salute you.
I may not have known anyone from USA or anyone who even knows anyone from the USA, but I will always keep 9/11 in my thoughts. I don't think anyone can ever forget it.

And Mindy, I had a discussion about this in my Drama class at school, hundreds (maybe even thousands) thought that it was just a movie. Especially the younger children.

I remember when this happened, I was in Year 4 (Grade 5 for USA I think) and I remembered myself thinking "What's going on? Why are we having this one minute silence thing?" and nobody really spoke about it at school so I was confused. After I soon found out about it, and I was speechless.

Thankyou Mindy for making this post.
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I will tell my future kids about 9/11 and that day, but I will also tell them about the blatant disregard for famine, genocide and other catastrophes that goes on in the rest of the world.
(Please bear in mind that this thread will be closed if it becomes a platform for political rants. CotH is not the place for that.)
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