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A Challenge from Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
I recently received a letter from the renowned explorer and hunter Hemet Nesingwary Jr. It seems he's opened a challenge to all willing adventurers.

Hemet Nesingwary Jr. Wrote:Bwahaha! I've heard you whelps think you're real hot shots! Think you'll take a challenge from an old Adventurer like myself?

Of course you do! That's not a question I should have to ask!

Now then, I figure you'll want specifics! Well, I've gotten word of two great beasts lurking around Ashenvale. These two Nightsabers keep separate territories in the deeper woods, and the Elves say they´ve seen both haunting their old ruins. But be careful , aye? One of those beasties is bigger than the other.

Afraid that's all I can tell you! I know where the beasties are, but I won't make it too easy for you younglings! And remember, no hunt is successful without a story. I'd better hear about it after you bring me a paw from either, I might even have something nifty lying around waiting for the killer.

[[OOC note: The sabers are in two different areas of Ashenvale, and -you- need to find and kill them. One beast is of lower level for the newer characters, so you can fight both of them ingame. However, for the kill to count IC'ly, you need to post a detailed story of at least 250 words about your kill. Yes, there will be prizes.]]
With the utmost care, a finger pressed a trigger, that again triggered a tiny explosion inside a tube, that again fired a bullet. This came as a surprise to the finger, that had until recently believed that the Bullet was currently nested in the Ammo Pouch. It also came as a surprise to the Lantern, that could hardly be called a lantern anymore - The finger checked with the Brain, that after a quick chat with the eyes could confirm that it was indeed more of a pile of glass shards by now.

"Blast'n'Damnation!" Most of the aforementioned body-parts belonged to Hogral, that was by now cleaning one of his many hunting rifles - If somebody was to track down an impressive beast, it was damn sure going to be him. And that prize would come in handy, too.
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
[[ I changed the word count down to 250 words. That's about the size of a regular IC post. And remember, it's not a maximum! I'd like to read whatever you guys post about it. ]]
(Note: Kalimdor is currently crashed, so do not attempt this -now- or you will end up stuck.)
Mokos and Gromel made there way through Ashenvale in silence hoping to catch a glimpse of the game they were hunting, Both had received word of two large game cats prowling throughout Ashenvale. Their Chieftain Ordered Mokos out earlier on a scouting mission but with motives that if he sees anything out of the ordinary to report back Immediately. The pair prepared themselves sharpening their blades and preparing their minds for the hunt. Mokos although still shaken from an earlier encounter with a dwarf and had asked Gromel to join him on the hunt. Mokos still felt very Vulnerable even with the powerful Tauren with him. This was only his second time in Ashenvale, His first which resulted in him being chased out by a mad Dwarf and Human. This did not deter Mokos he was looking forward to this hunt, For he had not been on such a hunt nor ever hunted at all in Ashenvale.

Gromel and Mokos made there way through the forrest keeping a close eye on there surroundings for both their pray and Alliance. The last thing that the two needed was for a Alliance party to meet them. The two rounded a bend then found themselves next to a small glully with an equally small bridge. There was the reminants of a light path running along the sides of it. Mokos pointed to the small path pointing it out to Gromel who nodded in agreement. Mokos grunted to Gromel softly and they both made their way along it. It twisted and turned its way along the little stream, Wildlife everywhere, Mokos only wishing that it was that small game they were after not the larger cats that were rumored for the area. Gromel stopped Mokos and pointed to the ground there were fresh tracks, There game was close. They pair continuedup the path this time on foot being careful to not alert whatever might be ahead of them. after a few hundred yards they came to a Y junction, This was where they saw the beast. Black as the charcoal with softly Glinting eyes. The beast spotted the two and let out a loud and horiffic growl then proceeded to attack.

The creature moved with such speed that Mokos was not nearly ready enough for its attack. Mokos not being prepared for the creatures attack stumbled and was knocked off his feet. Gromel bore the brunt of the attack allowing Mokos to regain some of his composure. Mokos shook himself off looked to Gromel who was now taking a defencive stance waiting for the creatures next move. The Sabre rounded again this time the two taurens were ready, As the cat lunged at them Gromel leaned in and glanced it with his Shield letting Mokos run his axe along the creatures Stomach. The cat stumbled but again rounded on them, Its gaze firmly fixed on Mokos. The large cat lunged at him pinning him to the ground, Mokos had to use every ounce of strength he had to stop the beast from tearing out his throat. Gromel seeing this ran at the cat ramming his shield into it knocking it off of Mokos and to the ground Knocking it senseless. Gromell quickly helped the youngster to his feet. Mokos now intent on finishing this quickly watched as the creature this time launched itself at Gromel who defected it back with his shield. As the creature landed a deafening crack could be heard. The creature falling awkwardly had broken its leg and now writhed on the ground in pain.Gromel made his way over to the creature.

The creatures cry's and wails from the wounds were cut short by one quick blow by Gromel. Mokos made his way back up to Gromel who had now pulled his blade from the fallen beast. Neither of them said a word. Neither of them received enjoyment from this kill. Mokos shouldered the fallen sabre and both of them started to make their way slowly out from Ashenvale. This hunting trip would be Mokos's First and also his last. Nearing the entrance to the Barrens Gromel turned to the young Tauren and Muttered, "Well hunted young one." The pair continued into the Barrens and returned to the world they both knew.

((The Sabre we killed was Pitch the higher level cat, Also edited to meet the word limit.))
[Image: Mokosig-1.jpg]
In Times Of War, Do Not Crave Honour.
Do Not Pray For Order, Amity Or Surrender.
Ask Only The You Outlive The Day.
(( The beasts will be left in game until posts that fullfil the minimum requirement are posted! Keep in mind though that the in game killing is the easy part, the real work is to write a compelling story about it! Don´t aim to just pass the 250 word count, be creative and elaborate!))
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

(( Do bear in mind - This is not the genuine creature, but a mix of truth and white lies brewed up at the Tavern after a fruitful hunt. It's only such a shame that it yielded the wrong fruits. ))

With the utmost care, a finger pressed a trigger, that again triggered a tiny explosion inside a tube, that again fired a bullet. This all went according to plan. Hogral was more unsure about the next part, that involved the bullet striking a somewhat large, but entirely ordinary, nightsabre. It might be the correct one, but probhably not. Though, he'd been trudging trough this haunted, wet forest all day along with Mr. Vrahn, and was more than prepared to accept an excuse to end todays Hunting.

Later on, at the Tavern, he had put the Paw from the Nightsabre - He corrected himself, what he assumed might be a Nightsabre - under closer scrunity. After carefully weighting the arguments up and down against each other together with Mr. Vrahn, he grabbed the, admittedly rather large, paw and wrapped it in some pieces of leather. As an afterthought, he wrote a letter that he pinned onto the package, handed it to a Trustworthy-Looking Sailor that was heading to the Eastern Kingdoms next morning, and crossed his fingers. Just to stay on the safe side, he crossed his toes as well.
This is what he wrote:

Quote:Dear Mr. Nesingwary (Jr):
I write to tell you about a hunt in the Forests called Ashenvale by locals and foreigners alike.
Me and my Companion, Mr. Vrahn Van'Tal, arrived with a Ship from Stormwind along with the first beams of sun this morning, if what shines in this land can be called a Sun - The woods seem to be permanently covered in various mists and hazes, that drenches blackpowder and sours moods with remarkable haste.

Loading up our Steeds and Backpacks, we rode south from Auberdine, and entered the haunted and monotone forests of Ashenvale after hours in the Saddle. While the wildlife was agressive, even compared to what a seasoned hunter like me, Hogral Coalbeard, usually encounter in my Travels, these proved to be the least of our worries - For what can be more dangerous than the cruel spirits that guard the woodlands themselves? With Torch and Burning Courage, we kept the Spirits off our path, and dragged our reluctant beasts of burden into a woodland trek that would drag out more than any of us had expected.

Only after several hours in the woods did we encounter an old, haunted ruin - Surely, leftovers from the Elven Days of Glory! By now, we had both met wild bears, walking bears, frothing wolves and raging spirits, and yet, the Ruins were all devoid of life or movement. It was first when we entered that we saw it - A nightsabre with a pelt so magnificent, that we both had to look both twice and thrice to convince ourselves that this was not just our imaginations playing tricks on us. Truly, it shone in all the colours of the rainbow, and it's eyes radiated a golden glow! Sadly, after a fight that we only got out of alive thanks to surpreme mastery of both rifle and wit, the Colours subsided in the moment that the great Beast fell. This is the reason as to why the paw, that you should by now be holding, only sports the ordinary colours of the Ashenvale Nightsabres rather than the magnificent and extraordinary colours of the Beast we hunted and killed in the Elven Woodlands.

In the moment that the beast fell, it was as if the Forest erupted with movement - Creatures whom had always feared these Ruins streamed in, relieved of their fright for the deceased animal, and as they noticed us, grit their teeth and prepared for a meal. Only trough great skill and valiance did I keep the beasts at bay, while my companion Vrahn retrieved our well-earned trophies. After a long and ardous struggle, my axe is still dented after the dozens of wolves I slew (single-handedly,) but eventually we managed to emerge from the Woodlands with both our trophies and lives intact. I shall not bore you with the details of our travel back, or the way that a Warsong Scouting Party tried to relieve us of our rightful prize - Let it be known, though, that even a Tauren will turn and flee in fear when faced with Cold Steel and Determination.

When this letter reaches you, we will still be a day or two away from reaching back to the shores of Stormwind - Our rightful prize may be delivered to the Lodestone Company accountant, Richard von Inkenwell, until further notice.

Hogral Coalbeard, in close cooperation with Vrahn Van'Tal.

In retrospective, Hogral realized that he might have gotten a bit carried away when describing the events of the Hunt - Then again, there were no witnesses, so who could prove them wrong?
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
((I'm going to go implement both sides in this storyline of my encounter with the saber. It is a confrontation of two of my characters, Regarosh "Riggs" the Blackhide, Death Knight of the Wartusk and Commander Agares Lius of Kul Tiras along with his escort, the Marine Turec Carstanz. Hopefully, this adds perspective of the Fourth War and the may act as the tip of the iceberg with my plans for both my characters. OOCLy, I killed him with Agares.))

((EDIT: Err...I'm going to follow Kaghuros' context that Hemet Nesingwary asked us to hunt the beasts. Oh...and I took down Humar the Pridelord.))

Hazy were the roads of Ashenvale since time immemorial. You would not know whether it is day or night under the leafy roof of the forest. Under this atmosphere would wild creatures protected by the wood itself go on and live their cycle of life in peace, disturbed only by the sentient beings from time to time.

It was with in this context and atmosphere that two aliens would arrive and disturb the natural order of things in Ashenvale. Two sets of horse hooves can be heard within the eerily silent forest, quick, wet steps on the leaf-covered paths in a rhythmic motion. The horses seem to be heavy, carrying their riders along with some armor which sound and clank after a few gallops. The rider in the front appeared to be emanating a commanding presence, with a slight disregard for his surroundings. His escort, covered in shining plate and carrying a spear, was much wary, seemingly looking out after his master.

???: Commander, we should be discreet...
Commander: Time is of the essence.

The commander snapped his reins, going on a forced march. His escort followed suit. Along the main road they ride, not knowing of the myriad of creatures they have already stirred and disturbed. They finally stumbled upon some ruins after a few hours of travelling along the main road. The ruins were in a pristine condition. The commander, at the back of his mind trying to imagine it when it was still in perfect condition what with the moonlight beaning through the leaves, touching the grounds and giving off an image of paradise, a place him and most other humans seem to want to go to after their death. In the middle and under a pile of rubble the magnificent nightsaber slumbers. A cut among the rest and a jewel among those who seek to tame these beasts, it is unfortunate that its life must end at the hands of those who progresses in the world and such artifacts of old must be sacrificed.

With the notch of the arrow, the nightsaber seems to cringe and hear from a distance by some unknown power. Immediately, the commander shoots out in the direction of the beast in a rushed way, missing the oncoming saber. The escort, facing the saber head-on with his spear pointed, rushes and charges the beast, while the commander moves sidewards, in an attempt to circle the beast and shoot his arrows. The saber, dodging the cavalier charge, lands on his feet and lowers his stance. Now it is being circled and is unfortunately in the predicament of being prey, a position assumingly it has never been in. The commander shoots several of his arrows in a harassing way, hitting the saber at times and making it grunt, but it would not fall too easily. A beast backed against the wall is a dangerous one, and with uncanny speed it reaches for the escort, taking him down from his horse. The commander immediately galloped at full speed towards the saber, but this was what the beast wanted, also taking downthe horse by lunging at its hooves and making Agares fall on his back. Turning around, the saber leaps towards the commander, only to be stopped by the escort's spear towards the heart of the feline. The saber slams its paws against the escort with great strength despite the wound, and with its final moment of living it approaches the commander.

A dark magic engulfs the saber, and runes on the ground forming. Its strength finally sapped and its will destroyed thanks to the dark magic. The saber is dead, but the reason was unclear. Remembering his past encounters, he deemed it unholy magic, and immediately he stood up, not seeing where it came from because he was in between a trees roots and saw a black-skinned orc in hunter garbs. The orc, with black aura forming on his hands and the commander notching an arrow and aiming for the orc, was stopped by the scort, who had recovered and was already on his horse. Immediately, Agares hesitating between the orc and the saber, took hold of the paw, sliced it with a knife and was taken by the escort before the orc was able to blast it with the same magic the saber was killed with. They had survived another day, but at the back of his mind, the commander thought nothing but to return to the forest to take care of the upstart orc. They were able to make it to Astraanar after a few hours, and it was there that the two went their separate ways.

???: Commander, are you alright?
Commander: Make haste to Hemet, Turec. Bring him the paw and tell of our story.
Turec: B-but your wounds.

The commander slaps the butt of Turec's horse, sending him on his way.

Commander: See you.

The orc meanwhile, who remained after the Tirassians have gone, took hold of the corpse and placed it on his back, bringing it with him and disappearing into the shadows.

Orc: I never thought I have to use it again...not today. Pinkskins...

Change prevailed that day, and with this the relics of the past are one step closer to finally becoming a mere memory of times gone by.
[Image: 2r3hym9.png]
Main Characters:
Riggs Ravenhook - Swarmy Old Goblin Thief and Corporate Nuisance
Gorudo Goldforge - Goldforge Clan Remnant and Ranger
Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

Although there only was two beasts, the stories that reached Hemet seems to have been so compelling that he decided to reward all the hunters, or he was just too drunk to remember that detail. No matter, the three hunters that braged about their slayings of terrible beasts have been richly rewarded!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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