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A Matron's farewell
"A sleazy hotel in Silvermoon? Is this what my life has come to?" The woman asked herself, sitting at her desk with a hood covering her face. Strands of snow white hair mixed with some nearly grown out orange dyed hair. Her green glowing eyes fixing themselves on the paper in front of her. The matron of House Amberdawn took a quill and put her thoughts on paper.

Nevael Amberdawn Wrote:Adressed: House Amberdawn
Name: Nevael Amberdawn

I can't take it anymore. My father, his father and his father before him made House Amberdawn what it is. My father handed the title and power of Matron to me but I just can't do it. Within the short time as my reign as Matron of House Amberdawn, the reputation went down the drain, my body is already older than the average Elven body. I blame the stress. Arahaelon was right, I am not prepared for this but I refuse to give him the satisfaction of taking my title. No, my title, House, throne, room and manor will go to my son, Aneril Amberdawn. Neither of my daughters has proven themself to me. My oldest daughter, my first child and my worst mistake has proven herself not to be worthy of the title. Upon finding this letter and my will, I will no longer be in the plane of the living. This is the last thing anyone will ever hear from me, I will join my parents and ancestors in the afterlife if they accept me. I used to have joy in my life but recent events have taken this joy from me as well as the will to live. I will be heading to Draenor once more where I belong. I will take the fight to the demons themselves. I will not serve my people by leading a House that is tearing itself a new one every week. I will serve my people by continuing the fight where Kael'thas Sunstrider left off. I promise that I will sooner die than serve the Legion. I want to apologize to Shadow most of all. I know he helped me and I appreciate it, but I do not deserve all that he has done for me.

She sighed and grabbed a crystal radiating Fel. The woman sucks up some of the Fel from the crystal and grabs a second piece of paper. With her mind calmed, she proceeded to write her final will.

Nevael Amberdawn Wrote:Name: Nevael Amberdawn
The moment I leave to Draenor, I will leave my family the following.
To Syrena Amberdawn, I leave nothing. She has always been the black sheep of the family. She never stepped in line and broke traditions.
To Aneril Amberdawn, I leave the title of Patron, my throne, my House and seventy percent of the Amberdawn fortune.
To my youngest child, Aurelia Amberdawn, I leave my personal study room, bedroom and twenty percent of the Amberdawn fortune.
To my uncle, Arahaelon Amberdawn, I leave the title of advisor to the Patron and the remainder of the Amberdawn fortune, to be spent as he wants it.

She sighs and grabs a pair of envelopes, putting the papers in the envelopes. Raising her hood she makes her way out, posting the papers and making her way out of Silvermoon, her eyes down, not wanting to be recognized by anyone.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!

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