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A Modding Request
To anyone that knows modding, or skinning or knows someone who knows such. I need a mod to make my character, Urisun, look like a lich. Yet, I don't have a clue how to do that, but know that it can be done. Anyone who can help...I will love them long time.
Skalus - Bloodsail Pirate
Urisun - Scourge Lich
Just as a note, and you probably realize this: such a reskin would only appear to YOU, not to anyone else who sees you, which could lead to some complicated character explanations.
Yes, I realize that. But. I'm determined to RP him as such whether or not I can get this mod made, so complicated explanations will be there anyway.
Skalus - Bloodsail Pirate
Urisun - Scourge Lich

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