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A Not-So-Gentle Reminder
For those that remember, the server was brought down a while ago to revise server policy and stop the influx of what could only be described as "god characters," or characters that are far-off from WoW Lore or were popularized to the point that the supposed rarity of such characters was lost. This is how the current "class title" idea came about, even if few actually bother to use it (which may actually be a good thing.)

However, it's been brought up that players are up to their old tricks, just in different ways. So, to spell things out more bluntly:

1. You cannot play a non-standard race without express permission. This includes morphs from standard like Fel Orcs or the upcoming Felblood Elves. They were never intended to be played and it takes a certain kind of RPer in order to do them correctly and well (not to mention they'd get killed in any civilized location almost instantly.)

2. You cannot give yourself powers that stray too far from your class or what is acceptable in WoW Lore, without permission. Fel magic is the domain of Warlocks. Blood Elven Paladins cannot use the Light in the same manner that Alliance Paladins do (they must steal it from the Naaru.) Etc. etc. Now, there is a bit of leeway here...for example, it's not beyond the realm of reason that a Mage has a few spells not in the standard list, so long as it is not overpowering and it fits within their theme. If you stray too far from your race/class theme, though, expect to be called out on it and punished accordingly.

These rules are not new. I'm restating what should have been understood from the get-go, but some players apparently did not understand the first time. If Kretol, Qaza, or Reetha ask me to come on to deal with a problem player who refuses to comply, I will be VERY pissed off. Don't let that happen.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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