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A Third Chance [RC]
I see him. The one that taught me compassion, and how to love. Who held me close when I felt cold, and filled me with warmth. He’s so close, reaching out to stroke his face I fumble. My arm spasm down, grabbing the horn on his helmet. Everything hurts, burning, blunt pain. Welling in my chest, and only grows outward. But he will tell me it’s okay, that he still loves me and I will go to sleep and wake in the morn. Why does it hurt...? Looking down at the shield he has impaled me upon I realize that I’m scared...I don’t want to die again...Eyes are heavy, fatigue creeping it’s way to my head. Death is exactly like I remember it. Fear floods me again, and I grit my teeth. “I'm so sorry...David...I loved you.” The words wisp their way through my teeth, my head lazing to the side.
“I’m sorry...I loved you too...” His words echo endlessly, growing fainter as the my mind grows empty. He drops the shield, and a wave of pain floods through me again. I can only groan. Encroaching black, it creeps along the floors, walls, and ceiling of my mind and wraps itself around me. I can’t see...I can’t...can’t... It’s empty. Only darkness.


Funneled through again, my spirit resting in my body.

Pain. A million soldering irons pressing down on my skin. I cannot scream, my mouth broken by battle. Broken body, unable to move, trapped. I am confined in a coffin. My mind races, emotions and memories. Love, anger, compassion, hatred, caring, agony, revenge, spite, guilt...blackness again. I slip away.

I wake again, a horrible numbness blanketing itself over my body. I cannot feel. My eyes shut, head laid back. My mind is blank, cannot grasp where I am. Spinning slowly, nausea. Where am I? I force a groan, it sounds alien. Not me, it writhes and gurgles it’s way out of my throat and crawls out of my mouth. Footsteps, echoing...going away. It reverbs and echos off the walls...a hallway?

Another set walk towards me. Fear floods my veins. Will I die again? What to they want? Wood cracks, and soft light floods in. A giant blur looks over me. Necromancers? It reaches down, and a furred hand gently strokes my cheek. D-David?

Character: Ladastilla
Killer: Sorrowfang
Date of Death: July 12th
-Pelvis, rib cage, both scapula, shoulders, upper arms, upper thighs, lower legs crushed by a moonkin of incredible weight.
-Left wrist, center of palm, base of fingers broken by impact via mace
-Impalement up the upper right chest, and liver by spiked shield
Resurrector: Delivered to Oliver, a Death Knight for resurrection
Resurrection: July 19th
Temporary Results:
Immobilization due to broken bones
Debilitating pain due to healing of injured body parts
Low cognitive ability - great difficulty in forming coherent thoughts, language
Will lose consciousness unexpectedly
Use of a cane/walking implement
Physical Weakness
Constant Body Pains/Headaches
Increased difficulty using rune magic/weapons
Difficulty bearing the weight of armor
Permanent Results:
Stiffness due to severe scarring
Dimmer glow in her eyes
Fainter voice
[Image: OTnr9.png]

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