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A guide for Sparring and Fighting in WoW
Welcome to my small guide for Sparring and Fighting.

I will be covering one of the basic and yet interesting stuff about Fights in World of Warcraft roleplay. Feel free to give other examples below.


Punching someone in the face could sometimes be fun, even in Wow. Sparring in-game is a beautiful thing and sometimes requires some skills and training. You can't just go into a sparring session with somebody and just emote how you throw out fists. It sounds simple. In this guide, I will address a few tips on how to make it fun for yourself and how to get the most out of beating the hell out of each other and having fun doing it.

The first thing I want to address is the gear. When you want to have a good and interesting sparring session with somebody you can simply do it with fists. But sometimes it can be with sticks, training swords and others. The thing you want to cover up before you start to train is this. Where can you hit him? Would that spot be open for a counter? Is there any chance of hitting him? Those questions could be in your head if you want a realistic fight. Depending on the answer for both you and your partner, you are going to have to go about things differently. Always make sure you and the other person are clear on what you plan to get out of the sparring session, whether it be casual sparring or competitive, it's important that neither of you are taken by surprise. Because the other person might want to fight harder or would simply want to just ''fight'' rather than train. So it would be best if you discuss this in the party chat before you continue.

Obviously sparring involves two people having to interact with each other, so for this to work smoothly a certain etiquette has to be observed. You both need to know that an accident might happen. Wether it would be a broken nose, jaw or other things. You can simply emote on how your hit would be wether it would be a hard punch or normal one. If you two feel comfortable and be realistic with your emotes you can simply start to get more reasanoble about your actions in the fight. The most important thing when you start the sparring session is to keep it that way and not turn it into an aggressive fight where the two chacacters become enemies.

The second thing I want to show you are a few things you can add to your emotes when you begin a fist fight:

Straight punch/Reverse punch - The most basic move a character could make durning the fight. It's not a hard move and doesn't require that much of a training to do it.

Jab - The Jab can be described as a quick punch off the lead hand. It's mainly used when countering the opponent.

Cross - A powerful and yet a deadly move when it comes to sparring. It can be thrown at a great distance and can bring the opponent down with just a blow. When you want to do a Cross, simply emote that you are hitting the head of the opponent.

Hook - A medium attack that can is usually aimed at the chin. It can also be emoted as a body shot, especially to the liver. If your doing a trust fight, expect that to be a good attack.

Uppercut - Another hard attack that could knock out the opponent easily. The strike is usually aims for the chin and if the opponent is comfortable with the blow, he might want to emote his head flying backwards!

Twist punch - Mainly used when you are defending yourself from the upcoming attacks of the opponent. If your fight allows counters, this would be a great move.

Trust sparring or Roll sparring?

There are different ways in doing both, but my suggestion is simple. When you want to have a sparr with another character and you know the person, my advice is to do it with Trust. Of course you can always do a trust battle with a person that you fairly know but it would be best if you both discuss your rules and mechanics. And if that doesn't work, simply go with Rolls.

Trust sparring - One of the best ways to show off your knowledge and skills that your character knows. It opens you the opportunity to emote the best sentence and move that you can do, of course with a proper reason. It would feel stupid if you just do a jab and knock the opponent out. Think of a way to construct a nice roleplay fight where you both do your best. And when you continue to fight the time will come when the other must take a hit. It's very important for your character to take atleast a few hits. Nobody is untouchable and if you simply think that it can be possible it would be best if you read the rules.

When you do a Trust fight there is always a winner. In Trust sparring, the best way to choose the winner is the guy that makes the most successful hits. Of course we are not counting those that were blocked hehe. But yet you can always discuss it beforehand or just continue with the actions. It depends on you both to choose the winning character. Another way to do that is with the emotes. The guy who made the most reasanoble and interesting roll takes a lead.

Roll sparring - The second way in doing a succesful sparring. If you go with rolls you don't have to worry about most of the stuff I said about Trust. It's a battle where the best roll wins. You don't have to worry about making big sentences. The first important thing when you are Roll sparring is to have counters on! Most of the moves that could be done in the fight are basically counters. So it's very important to have it on.

The rolls simply pick the winner. But that doesn't matter! Do your best in your emotes and make it interesting.


These are the basic stuff I could come up with. I am sure I missed something but I did my best. Feel free to add something in the comments! I think I covered up most of the stuff and I really hope this guide helped you become a more reasanoble roleplay fighter :D.
You' seek me help?

[Image: vt4s.jpg]
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