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A little tidbit for everyone...
Okay, I haven't really mentioned this due it seeming really, really insignificant. But I just thought it'd make roleplaying a little more reasonable if some people saw this:

If a person is in full plate armor from head to toe, don't have your character instantly know the gender because you can or can't see the woman's outline rather clearly.

It's not going to be that obvious a woman in full plate is...well, a woman. Real armor kind of covers...Her 'assets', to say the least. Some women could be disguised as men, or even some men might be diguised as women, I don't know. I'm not saying that everyone should be -forced- into using this idea, I'm just saying that it makes roleplay a little more realisitic, is all.

...Yes, add more realism to a game with magic, demons, creatures of all shapes and sizes, and dead things coming back to life. >_>;
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Good point. People are bound to just forget this and see what they see ingame first. Doesn't hurt to make a point that your character looks one way or another. After a while, it sticks and you shouldn't have to do it with that character.
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I actually kinda like this, especially if the female is fairly tall or the male is fairly short (depending on race, I know, I know.) But if they are totally decked out in crazy plates and a fatty helmet and don't talk, I think it would only be logical to be able to trick a few. After all, if people can get away with it sometimes in character on a movie set, why not here?
I had a character like this once. A female pally who hid the fact that she was a woman. There's a Marvel superhero character like this, I forgot who. I know she's a Ninja of somekind..
Wow, I didn't expect people -agreeing- with me. But, it kind of makes sense, no? Ellianna's like that. Heck, she pretty much acts like a guy...and dresses like one...and talks like one...So, yeah.
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Samething with Races, Alistus wouldn't be recognized as an undead, A shorter Dwarf may be mistaken for a tall hairy Gnome. With Trolls, Tauren and Draenei its easy, but the ears of an Elf don't always have to be outside of the helmet.
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Ha! have you seen the armour on women? Impossible to not notice the outline on that, hehe.
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-_-; That's my point, Alice. But yes, the women characters have the most OBVIOUS outline of their body. xD
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I just had a discussion similar to this with some one. Why would an undead, who wants to keep as much of their flesh intact, allow the worn through spots to show? I'd have leather -stitched- over those suckers to keep any nastiness from getting worse. If nothing else, my clothing and armor would cover it. Stupid game graphic...stupidness.
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For the same token, it irks me when people assume that my Orc female looks manish. I can understand if they say they are not attracted, but christ, a female Orc looks like a female, just the same.
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△Move along.△


Well, guys, different armour is worn in different shapes and sizes. So what about we suggest the plate is your characters size, unless noted OOCly or in FlagRSP that the armour is a bit big for the person, so you wouldn't be able to determine there gender.

But before the problem arises, lets say a Human and a Tauren were wearing the same exact plate. Does this mean that the plate is more protective on the Tauren? No, because of the thickness/density is the same.

*pushes post back and forward.* I put in three cents by accident. . .
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