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A polite request!
I know you GMs are busy, so I just wanted to mention this in case you get a little free time and a hankerin' to do some changin'! :D

All the NPCs in Azshara's tavern. They're named after X-Men. Having Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost serving my character drinks is killing the immersion a bit, and it may even give off an air of unseriousness to new players. I mean no disrespect with the post, just bringing up my thoughts. *ducks*
Heh, there are amny references to other games, movies and other in WoW. Look at Kurzen´s camp for an example (Apocalypse now, anyone?) and I´ve heard about this "Linken" character somewhere in Un´Goro. Besides they sound like pretty normal names to me, it´s not like there are no other "Emma" in WoW, right?
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Not to mention various Star Trek references in Booty Bay and Gnomeregan, so on and so forth. This is really just normal.

Anyway, the Drudaen Tavern was made by one of our former GMs, and out of respect for her we will not be changing it unless we get word from her that she wants it changed or gives us permission to do so.
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Warcraft, in general, is not serious at all. (That's why I love it)
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I have to disagree. Easter eggs are a classic in any game, and blizzard have a history of them. Hell, even WoW itself is riddled with nods toward Starcraft and Diablo.

You could say it ruins the immersion, but in the Warcraft World, names like Kitty Pryde and Henry McCoy seem fine.
Personally, I think the names of the tavern staff should be kept.
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Haha, touche. You all raise a good point. >> Been reading a lot of comics lately so maybe it just sticks out for me.
LOGAN!!! The bouncer! I just figured that out. sorry guys. Hm, It would be funny if the Gms hid all the X-men around the Crater.
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Nostra, Linken is the little gnome in green with a sword and a hat in the tree in the camp in Un'goro :P It's silly. They're all over the place.... I think they're funny. But I can see how they could be distracting, etc.
And his quest chain gives you Linken's Sword of Mastery and Linken's Boomerang.. LOL
There is also 'Dadanga' (aka. Dodongo from Zelda 64)
Not to mention Larion and Muigin.. Mario and Luigi... LOL
A quest called 'Chasing A-Me' (also reference to Congo..)
An NPC named Spraggle Frock (fraggle rock)
Quest called "With a little help from my friends" including a goblin named Ringo..

Un'Goro is just full of references, and that's only a few.

WoW steals from everywhere.. and I honestly didn't notice the names of the bartenders until this thread! But, I mean, if WoW decides that there can be a Mario and Luigi and other such things, then personally I don't really mind.
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There's actually a very big difference between what the live server does and what we have in Drudaen Tavern:

The live server does clear references, but doesn't name them directly. They get creative and easter eggy. It's "Linken", not Link, for a very specific example. We all know what they mean, and can chuckle at getting the reference.

What we have in Drudaen isn't creative spin-offs that are clear tongue-in-cheek references to X-Men, it's the actual X-Men names themselves. That may technically a copyright violation (which may or may not be "fair use" or whatever else, if the legality matters), but the main point is -- for some people, having the direct lifting of X-Men really feels jarringly out of place, and makes a poor first impression. I'm one of those people.

It actually almost killed my expectations for the seriousness of the RP environment on this server, since the Tavern was the first place I went (thanks to the Wiki). It would've been different if it was something like "Puppie Pride" or "Coy McHenry". It's still jarring, in fact.

The difference is "playful homage" vs "copy-paste", I suppose. Tweaking it a little so you've made it your own, and therefore, at home in your world.
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Heh, shows how oblivious I am to X-men names.
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I admit that Kretol isn´t alone. Didn´t know until just a couple of weeks ago. Never been big on series, cartoons and that stuff.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Nostra Wrote:I admit that Kretol isn´t alone. Didn´t know until just a couple of weeks ago. Never been big on series, cartoons and that stuff.

Amen to that.

Seen some witty episodes here and there but the names always slip away afterwards.
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I was only made aware because I was around when Bella made the area, and it was brought up. I'm pretty much unfamiliar with the X-Men, or comic books in general.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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I'm hardly familiar with them at all.

All I know is that there's dudes called Wolverine, Magneto (something or other) Cyclops, The Beast? Juggernaut is it? See I dunno! LOL

And isn't there a long haired ginger girl that Wolverine Likes?

And some guy in a wheel chair...

EDIT: I'm going by what I saw in the movie. I heard about when some guy goes "I'm The Juggernaut B****!"

EDIT2: Also, there's thousands of references to stuff like that. There's a goblin auctioneer called "O'reely" which is what players say "Orly?"
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