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A question.
Do people not use calendar on forums to mark their events or is it broken? Or maybe not everyone knows how to use it? I don't so... what the problem? It gets annoying when there is no real warning before event starts, sure I could look at event planning threads but what if update is not easy to find and you end up turning up to an event that happened yesterday... not saying I want everyone to use it, just asking why no one is using it... there should be someone out there who knows the truth.
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Brothers and sisters of NOD, I welcome you to planet C&C.
I think it's just that nobody is using it. There should still be an option to make calender events in the event planning forum. There's a link at the top that you can use to make them.
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It's not automatic, no. Usually you'd have to go out of your way to make a Calendar event, and then it just makes a new thread which eats up forum space. I try to use the Calendar as often as I can, but given my life's schedules, I tend to bump back the dates more often than not, making the back-and-forth with the server Calendar a tedious nuisance.

If there is a way to set up the calendar to make it automatic when creating an event thread without having to go back-and-forth to create an extra thread that has no other purpose but marking the calendar, that would be fantastic.
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Yea... I would stop missing on so many events I want my characters to be in. Like Gnoll Redridge events, Hyjal events, there are many more examples I already forgot...
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Brothers and sisters of NOD, I welcome you to planet C&C.
The only thing I can recommend at current as far as keeping up with events by far is just popping into the Event Planning forum once in a while. If you have Skype, announcements for events are made readily available there too.

If you want help in tracking for major current event lines, you can Skype the leading storytellers to be added in the Skype chatrooms where events and major RPs are announced/proposed. I have Hyjal, Krilari has the Argent Crusade, and CappnRob has Order of Virtue (for Redridge). Just drop us a chat, as well as others should they open an event line :)
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