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A sad realization (For me at least)
So I doubt that many of you care but I figure I'll post it anyway.

I've recently been attempting to make Lucy less crazy and more of a person that would actually go out and do something with other people. I thought the only way of doing this would be to cause her to realize that Arthur (Her husband, if you've spent time around Lucy she's probably mentioned this.) could not be with an Undead and have him try to kill her. She would fight back and kill him and become a bit blood thirsty. Well, I was browsing the forums and realized how much she was beginning to seem like a copy-cat Andre. Murderous and crazy... I really enjoyed playing Lucy before I TRIED to make her less like a simpleton and more intelligent, in my eyes she was relief from all the "I'm Mr. Serious, let's be serious." RP I saw a lot of. (That is not intended to be offensive to ANYONE.)

Now, I realize I already have a vouch and that I'm currently in the initial approval state of things... I'm thinking about nixing the "Let's make Lucy actually viable to people in need of help by causing her to feel an immense amount of psychological pain." and having her revert back to the "Why it's a beautiful puppy!" The Lucy that I originally intended her to be. Perhaps when I get all three of my vouches and the approval I'll see about doing something or having her find something to allow her to be less "... Oh! Hello, Deary!" and more "Hello again, <Insertnamehere>." However, I'm also in the working of making another character, a priest or perhaps a Paladin. Unfortunately, I tend to RP my Blood Elves (I can only play the pretty races most of the time.) as happy or even shy. When I had the character Aerundun I read that Blood Elves should probably NOT be all "Let's be happy friendly!" because of the destruction of Silvermoon City. Perhaps I can go ahead and RP a character the way I feel I should and only worry about it if I get asked to change the character... Anyway, enough of this...

So, I want to apologize to Andre for unknowingly stealing his character.

Anyway, good day to you all.
I'm very flattered that anyone would think of copying from my character, though I think you're just putting a bit too much thought into what other people want over what you want.

You're allowed to play whatever character you like as long as it's nothing short of believable according to Warcraft and Server Lore. Taking advantage of it is a good thing. The main thing to realize is that there will always be characters that are somewhat similar to someone else's, it's bound to happen. Heck, Andre is...

1.) Mentally Unstable
2.) Flesh Hungry
3.) Sadomasochist
4.) Morbidly Comedic.
5.) Undead

Those may seem like diverse traits at first, but if you take a look at most of the characters on this server that are undead... well... I'm sure you'd find some similarities. It isn't about WHAT your character is... It's WHO they are. How you play them, and making them stand out.

The bottom line: Play Lucy how you really want to play her, so that you may enjoy her. Roleplaying should be a fun experience, as it is a hobby. Hope this helps a little.
"My companions' feelings have been etched onto my body.
I'll change this eternal darkness to light!
Heaven and Earth...
One body, one soul!

Chouginga, Gurren-Lagann!

I'll show you...
The power of mankind!"

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