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APB: Reloaded
I forgot how much I loved this game. The amount of trolling one can do is amazing, and it's just a bunch of lulz to be had.

Does anyone want to play? AFAIK it is free to download from steam, but it's sorta Pay to Win with some of the weapons and progression is grindy if you don't pay for subscription, but you can have tons of fun with just the standard stuff. I think I want to roll an Enforcer and ruin the day for some criminals.

Anyone interested?
I get into like, a phase where I want to play it, then I'll play it for like an hour and not want to go back to it for months. It's fun, but so infuriating.
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△Move along.△


I would so love to play this game...But my crappy PC can't handle it.
"Excellence is when failure becomes improvement"

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This game is amazing, I'd play it if I had free time on my hands.
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I'm up for it but I'll have to re-download it. The only thing that manages to keep me there is the high killstreaks and the bounties being placed afterwards
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I feel like the game's entertainment level is heavily based on how the missions go.

Say you start the first one and just completely wreck. You're like "OH yeah, gonna play all day!"

Then some 3 man squad completely steam rolls your group and proceeds to farm off you guys. Then it sucks. xP That's when I start trolling and ramming people with my truck, try to tip them over and stuff.

Feel free to add McKnighter whenever you want. We still have the Red Crew guild/clan thing so we can still use that I guess. (that way I don't have to change my clothes and my decal on my truck lol)

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