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About Denied Introductions
Due to the sheer volume of introductions that are being accepted and denied right now, I am not going to PM the recipients of a denial. If you find your intro gone and it hasn't been moved to the Approved Introductions sub-forum, you are denied.

I will resume sending PMs to denied players once I've actually gotten through what's currently on my plate, and if the flow of new introductions slows to a reasonable pace (So that I'm not moving ten at a time).
May I suggest moving this to the introductions part and stickying it there? I think it might seem like a bit more likely place for new players to check if their intro suddenly vanishes than general discussion.
I can't sticky pages, but I initially wanted it to go in the Server News forum (Which I can't post in). So a move by another GM would be helpful. Otherwise, people do read this forum.
Hello, i'm sorry, I hate to be a pain, but I just looked through all of the approved introductions, and I think I got denied, or maybe I just couldn't find it (I tend to be blind as a bat :P). I just wanted to say that I don't want to give up on this and i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do now. Should I retry making an introduction? I'll try to focus more on the template, because I figure I may have done something wrong there, or post more of the story I wrote. Again i'm really sorry if i'm a pain, I'd just love to get in and i'll do more if that's what it takes, it'd be a huge help to get some pointers as well, whenever you have time to do so. Thank you. -Raigeki
I'm sorry, but you were denied. You don't get a second chance at making an intro because we judge the first impression you give us, and the effort we see in it. Good luck on your RP endeavors elsewhere!
Oh, alright, bummer :\

Thanks a lot for your time, good luck and whatnot.
Let me add to this by asking players to please not help those who write under-polished intros. We judge them by their initial show of effort and how well they actually read what's put up, not by how you direct them to make their intro to get them accepted. It's nice that you're doing it, but it defeats the purpose of having the system. We just end up judging your competence, not theirs.

Please. You can point them in the right direction if you absolutely must, but don't end up coaching them.
I slipped a bit in that moderation there, so uhh... Yeah. Anyone denied today won't be getting a PM. If your intro is gone, you know where it went.

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