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For some reason my computer can´t connect to the internet anymore, think it´s the "internet card". That means I can´t get on to the server for some time, I´ll be forum lurking though, so if anyone wants to do some forum RP I´m more than happy to comply! Until I´ve fixed the problem Alistus can be found in Booty Bay, having long-winded discussions with other Alchemists and Herbalists, also trying to get hold of some higher-up Cartel official.

Left a note to Alice´s "friends" saying "I will reside in Booty Bay for the time being, contact me there if neccessary"
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Well, that fairly sucks not to have you on Alis. Do you know what kind of internet card you have? I've battled through some ridiculous wireless/regular bugs myself. If you need help there's probably someone on the forum who knows how to fix it.

Otherwise, have a nice break from WoW, okay? Read a book or maybe poison a few guys in forum RP.
The midnight-hued Kal'dorei, one of the newcomers, listens as the one those present affectionately refer to as "Alice" makes apologies for an upcoming departure in a letter left to close associates and colleagues is read aloud. As the mention of alchemy and herbalism arises, she cocks her head to the side, listening intently.

After the speaker finishes the short apologia, the newcomer raises her hand to gain the attention of the speaker, as well as the courtesy of the audience.

"Such an absence will weigh upon us in our travels." Faeorial nods with affirmation, the dark tresses dangling about her face swaying as she moves. "Here is hope for safe passage and return." She insists to the others.

Yeah... Hope you arn't gone to long Ali. "The Host" is a good book if you want it. Not as creepy as it sounds. It's more of a... female book... I suppose... like Twilight, but it's still amazing.
I have decided that Alistus and Qaza need to have teatime. Perhaps, if pressed, without goons or weapons present.

Cyanide optional.

Aside from that, good luck on fixing the issues!
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Tea-time with Qaza? That sounds... horrendous!

Anyway, I might actually be back online tomorrow, been checking stuff out and it´s not as bad as I thought at first. So expect me on tomorrow or the day after that.

I´m still up for any Forum RP though. *peers at a certain troll*
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Nostra Wrote:Tea-time with Qaza? That sounds... horrendous!

Can I add that to my signature? Pretty please? <3
[Image: Q1-1.png]

"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
If you want to, <3 though your sig is funny!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

New network card installed, systems fully functional. Moving into the target.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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