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Active RP Guilds?
Looking for active guilds.
I'm guessing the GMs have their own.
Right now there are no really active guilds, I suggest that you read through the news section of the forums, some stuff going on here at the moment, changes and re-workings etc.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Since the server is restarting, all guilds, except for some, will be reset. But when the server is up, and guilds start popping up, they are roleplaying guilds, no doubt. Why would we have an OOC guild here, if not for the purpose of using it as a title?
Well, when the server is steady and someone gets a good guild going, could you contact me on it?
My character's name will be Doan.
Just haven't gotten a chance to log on yet because I've had to update to 3.0.3.
The whole server is an RP guild. :)
Guilds are usually based on faction, ideals, companies, troups, etc. You can also make a guild for yourself to use as a title, as stated before.
The only thing you can do is look for a guild your character will best fit in, or make one yourself.
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