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Adventures with Svenn!
So after discussion with some GMs, I'd like to post some ideas for some RP events:

1. Strange corpse in Silverpine

You see a poster on the walls of every horde and neutral city, (Except silvermoon) with the following:


Strange corpse sighted in Tirisfal near Bree.

Avoid travelling alone in this area if possible.

Monster is of unknown origins.

If you have any information, seek out Svenn Draconis in Bree Inn.

So basically this is going to be a bit of a mystery theater/seek and destroy type of thing.

-GM volunteer: mostly to spawn some gibblets. Ykno, corpse of... like, night elf, human, undead... If they wanna stick around though that'd be great!

-volunteers: I'll take anything from hunters, magic users, paladins, to information gatherers, to even bystandards. If anyone wants to get "attacked," let me know and we can set up a scene with my hunters. Now when I say hunter, I don't mean the actual class hunter, I mean someone who will go out and kill this thing. I'm using the literal term for this.

Most of this will take place in Silverpine and Tirisfal. Most of the time when we're out on the field, it will be stealthed, so yes we'll be chasing after nothing for most of this.

2. Lighting matches with Svenn
You see a poster in your barracks stating the following:


I have been hired to train you in special tactics and spell casting.

This will be either a one or two day thing, depending on how I feel your skill level is.

Training will begin at dawn.

If you are late, I will make you run around camp till I get sick of watching you run.

I've been training fire magic since the second war. I helped teach the humans magic.

That's my qualifications.

This is for fire magic only. I'm training you to fight, not to run away with sissy ice magic!

This is a one day event, and depending on how everyone feels about it afterwards, could even make it a two or even longer. Got a low level mage? Want a mage? Bring him down to Alterac Valley! I'll teach him how to light matches and trees like a pro! If you've got an alliance character that wants in, then it doesn't HAVE to be in Alterac. I just like the snow.

Now, the one thing you're asking is "Hey alpharius, your guy is a warlock! How are you gonna teach mages?" Good question! Svenn is a recent warlock, and knows more about arcane magic than he does shadow magic. So he still remembers how to do it. He's been training in arcane for 400+ years, and while he doesn't use arcane fire anymore, he still uses fire spells of a different persuasion. So that being said I'm gonna need a mage to help me out here, seeing as how I can't use mage spells. So I'll take any mage players who want to volunteer to show these guys how it looks.

So let's see who is interested! Both events are open to horde and alliance. I can compromise.
Quote:(Except silvermoon)

ok :(
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
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Actually. I should probably explain the Silvermoon thing. Svenn doesn't go to Silvermoon. He doesn't like anything about it; quite frankly neither do I. In retail, ALL of the RP was in that crappy city... It's like eating ham and cheese every day. I like ham and cheese, but I don't want to eat it every day. Sometimes I want a pizza.

Also gives my thing a free bump so yay.
I would love to join the monster hunt, buddy!
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]
I'll maybe put Aktta as the showy Mage, it may have to be in late May though. You know her disability best, so it will be up to your discretion.
[Image: 14l32iv.jpg]

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