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Again, so soon?[RC]
Ugh...I hate dwarves. What has it been? Two days since I was brought back?...This sucks."

A man in dark padded le-...ya know, you know what he wears at this point. A dwarf stood over Keak, his boot raised as he dropped it down on his head. The dwarf sat there for a moment, enjoying the kill, before hoisting the body over his shoulder and shouting "I win!"

Dwarves are annoying...self absorbed...drunken...they're like midgets with social disorders.

The dwarf carried to body over to another and dropped it before leaving. The other "body" was in fact still alive, just without an arm. The man left alive took Keak and the other deceased man back to the bay, where they would await ressurection. As this happened, Keak was in his own little world.

Alright...where's the path now? Where's my big life changing vision in death? I'm waitin', hit me with your best shot.

As Keak spoke these words, the black around him began to fade. This time though, it was not replaced with a path, it was replaced with a town. Bustling with activiy, the large town seemed oddly familiar to Keak. He slowly looked around, inspecting each building. The people didn't seem to see him, they simply walked on. He approached one building in particular, a small house to be specific. It was very familiar. He opened the door, gazing around wide eyed. He saw a man about ten years younger than him, walking down the hallway infront of him. He had brown hair, and was almost growing a beard even at his young age. Keak stared at the man as he simply walked through him and out the door.

That's...This is....Lordaeron.

Keak quickly turned and watched the man as he walked, he thought for a moment before he realised something. He ran to the man, but just before he reached him, a scream rang through the concrete walkways lined by buildings. Keak knew what was going on. He tried to turn and run, but he couldn't, he was slowly moved with the now running man, as if being forced to follow him. Keak watched in horror as they approached a large court yard. The man froze in his spot, slightly behind a building to hide, as they both watched a group of men in dark plate mail slaughter the guards. One of which...was Keak's father. At this point it had become rather obvious Keak was being made to watch himself. He reached a hand down, trying to grab the younger him.

Damnit! Move! DO something! Don't just sit there and let him die! SAVE HIM!

Keak's hand simply moved through him. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop what was happening, that he would be made to see this. Keak watched as his father was killed, and as the younger him ran, grabbed his sword and chased after the killers. Keak knew he could do nothing. He was helpess. It seemed as if years had passed as he watched over himself, slowly growing older. Eventually the day came when he saw his father killed...by himself. Keak simply watched. He followed himself running through the forests, followed himself running through Elwyn, followed himself everywhere. He watched all his life pass by. Eventually he caught up to the day he died. The dwarf crushing his skull, everything. As he watched his body grow motionless he heard a voice. It rang out all around him "You cannot stop everything that displeases you. You cannot protect all who need it. You are only human, remember this."


Killer: Barney.

Ressurector: Mikura..or however it's spelled.

Short term drawbacks: Occasionally speach slurring. Innability to create Holy Fire and Holy Barriers.

Long term draw backs:Minor slurred speech, loss of recent memory. Innability to wear plate mail.

Perma draw backs:Rare speech slurr. Phantom headaches. Chest and neck pains. Weakened Holy Fires.

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