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Agald's past interests.
Going along with Wuvvums interest in Goblins, I seem to have found my own. Grant it I still have yet to play cataclysm, but I still think what I'm going to ask below will be interesting.

Agald is a pirate. And like most pirates, he's had his fair share of 'booty.' If you caught my meaning, I'm thinking about past love interests, perhaps even children (He's been a pirate for over twenty years or so). There's really no restraints on any of it. Just an x lover scorned, a child with daddy issues (No he wouldn't of stuck around).

On that note, he's also a pirate for the Blood Paw. Enemies for him and the pirate group would be neat! Pirate hunters and such. There's my interest list, hit me up if your into it.

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