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Age of Conan Vids and Pics
These are a couple of vids. The first vid, I actually was playing with this guy once and never really noticed it. He was an assassin too. You'll also see a fatality done in it, when he makes the comment about fighting the Demonologist.


This second video is one I found of a couple of the fatalities that you can do.

Warning: Blood and gore

This is another video of a Defender. They're kind've like prot warriors. There are a couple of fatalities done in it.

I'll add a couple of pictures as well.

This picture is of Sadur, one of the slavers you run into. In the beta you got to play the first five levels, and you wash ashore from a slaver vessel that was wtfpwned by something.
[Image: Kendeii_picture000.png]

This second picture is of the beginning of a Fatality. My friend and I were playing together and I got the last combo move on this dude. The class I'm playing is the Barbarian. They...stealth. With two-handers. They can do good damage, but are slow and lumbering. Think of them as fury warriors, but with stealth and without the armor. Anyway! You can see the sword getting shoved into the guy's gut. Afterwards, he spun around and sliced his head off =\
[Image: Ganjarian_picture004.png]

In this one, Xyloth is about to swipe someone's head off. He and I just finished protecting the flag against the other team. =\
[Image: Ganjarian_picture003.png]

Unfortunately, they have us using the old beta client, not what will be used when the game actually comes out. And the graphics will be a lot better with the DX10 client.
Seems neat, but what´s a Fatality? ;)
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Fatality is a killing blow.
[Image: desc_head_freemasons.jpg]

△Move along.△


All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Yarr. The fatalities are completely random.

The way to initiate one is to kill someone while in the midst of, starting, or finishing a combo move. There is a slight chance that your character will kill them using a fatality.

The fatality depends on your weapon and the combo used, and there appears to be about at least two per weapon that was included in the beta.

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