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Alari Duskleaf [Kaldorei Hunter]
Player: Ukarai

Character Full Name: Alari Duskleaf

Character in-Game Name: Alari

Association(s): The Sentinels, Darnassus, The Alliance, Guardians of Hyjal

Race: Kaldorei

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities:

[Hippogryph Rider]: She's well versed in aerial combat and shares an empathetic bond with her hippogryph.

[A Trusted Friend]: Arashi has been there for the good times and the bad. He would gladly give his life to ensure the safety of Alari, and she wouldn't hesitate to do the same for him.

[Ivory Horn]: Used to call and command her Hippogryph when he's soaring in the air. The sounds emitted from the horn are louder and easier to distinguish over long distances than her voice, allowing her to give commands to her Hippogryph when he's far away.
- Alari blows the Ivory Horn, commanding her Hippogryph to dive bomb the enemy and strike at them with his talons.
- Alari blows the Ivory Horn, commanding her Hippogryph to swoop down on the enemy in a hit and run fashion.
- Alari blows the Ivory Horn, commanding her Hippogryph to land at her side.

[Darting Shot]: While mounted, her hippogryph darts within range of her target long enough for her to take a shot before wheeling away.

[Strength of the Moon]: Alari's unwavering faith in Elune gives her the strength to forever stride onward, despite the hardships of the world. She fights with greater endurance and with more ferocity when the moon is out.

[Child of the Forest]: She's not accustomed to fighting indoors, so she tries to stay outside whenever possible. Arashi can't follow her into battle or respond to her commands if she's inside of a building, or a cave. In addition, she draws upon the druidic magic that flows straight from the natural world to fuel her Hunter abilities, as opposed to the corruptive arcane magic of other races.

Age: 2,343

Sex: Female

Hair: Long, Forest Green

Eyes: Silver

Weight: 265 lbs

Height: 6'8"

Appearance: Alari stands at average height for her race with a lithe muscular build. Her eyes exhibit a bright silver glow and her face holds symmetrical 'Bear' markings.

Alignment: Good

Personality: Alari's generally a calm and collected individual. She's made a commitment to protect the world from anything deemed threatening, be it the Horde, Demons, Scourge, or other monstrous destructors, but she doesn't do so in solitude. Her hippogryph is always at her side, serving not only as a means of transportation, but as a lifelong companion, a protector, and a fighter.

While Alari still mistrusts many of the outsiders, specifically those who dabble in the Arcane, she respects and often reveres the members of the Alliance for their sense of justice, cunning, and adaptability. She's honored to fight alongside them.

She makes sure to evaluate the situation before taking action. She can either fight in close-quarters combat or from afar with a bow, but she's truly at her best at the side of her trusted friend, both in and out of combat. She feels uneasy when she's not outside or if she's in a place where there is little to no plant life, such as Tanaris or Desolace. She only feels at home in Ashenvale and is prone to feeling home sick.



Alari was born and raised beneath the towering trees of Ashenvale. She was a charismatic and social child, one that enjoyed the company of Night Elves and Hippogryphs more than the company of herself, even if there wasn't a conversation going. She felt comfortable and protected in the nurturing shade of the forest. She'd often climb trees to gather fruit for her and her friends and lay on the large branches at night, staring up at the moonlight that leaked through the thick canopy. She was grateful to have been brought up in such a lush, beautiful forest.

Her mother was a Priestess of Elune and her father was a druid, who slept in the Emerald Dream for the majority of her life. Her mother taught her many things, the most important of all being compassion.

She learned to hunt and fletch arrows from an early age, aspiring to join the Sentinels so she could protect the land that nurtured her, provided her with food, comfort, and company when nobody else was around. Alari respected the balance and natural order. Her love for Ashenvale was truly unconditional.

Over time, she grew in both mentality and stature. She trained with the Sentinels in the art of war, learning marksmanship and close-quarters combat. She worked hard to prove herself to her people, and in time, gained the ceremonial 'Bear' markings. Her father briefly emerged from the Dream to see her, now an accomplished Sentinel, only to sleep once again.

Prior to the demonic invasion, Alari often watched over the nests of hippogryph eggs when she wasn't off hunting or training. She bonded with one of the hippogryph hatchlings and eventually gained a feathered friend and lifelong ally, who she came to know as Arashi. With his and the Sentinel's consent, she began training in aerial combat.

The Third War brought forth more death and destruction than she had witnessed in the entirety of her life. Alari was to participate in the battle for Hyjal on the back of her hippogryph, shooting arrows from above. She was a deadly adversary, but in the end, they sacrificed their immortality to defeat the eredar leader.

She'd thought her mother would always be there to guide her, to set things right, to fix her mistakes, and to comfort her in times in need... But life is given, and it is taken. Her and her father mourned the loss of his beloved, who fell in the demonic invasion.


Alari joined many of her kin in hunting the Orcs as a repayment for Cenarius' murder, raining arrows of death from the sky on the back of her hippogryph, Arashi. She cared little for the Alliance at this time, but their mutual hatred for the Orcs brought forth an unexpected acceptance and an eventual friendship, despite their use of Arcane magic.

She joined up with the Alliance to combat the threat in Northrend with bravery in her heart, a tabard of Darnassus, and a bow in her hand. She aided her kinsmen in the regrowth and protection of the land while offering her skill in the art of war to the humans, up until the Scourge threat was diminished with the fall of the Lich King.

To this day, she continues to aid the Alliance with the determination to make Azeroth a better place, setting aside her cultural xenophobia in hopes of someday attaining peace with the destruction of the Horde. Arashi still accompanies her both on and off of the battlefield, serving as a much needed friend. She's gained and lost many allies along the way, but she continues to stride forever onward, even after the chaotic Cataclysm.
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It's just a little thing, but you didn't list the color of her hair, hehe.

Initial approval!
Updated with hair color! :D
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Please do not use Kaldorei. Use Night Elf instead.


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