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Algid Frostflower [Taunka Shaman]
Race: Taunka

OOC race: Tauren

Display ID Requested: Just scale me up, Scotty. I'm not sure of the scale in question, as she is a bit short for a Taunka, but all Taunka are taller than typical Tauren.
I'm going to stick with 1.1. Tall for a Tauren, but Average for a Taunka.

What inspired you to play this race and not the normal counterpart (if applicable)?: My forte in Roleplay is to act as an outsider or novice whose naivete allows ther characters to explore what it means to play their race/class/etc. Playing a Taunka would allow me to do this for both core-horde Shaman and tauren.
Cultures with an affinity for the cold have also fascinated me; I feel like I could more personally connect with a character whose identifying cultural trait resonates with me.

Special Mount: Wooly White Rhino. At the moment, she would not have a mount, but it is something I would like to have her work up to in RP. Earning a wooly rhino mount would better reinforce that her heritage is unique from a normal Tauren's through roleplay.

Player: Dae

Character Full Name: Algid Frostflower

Character In-Game Name: Algid


Association(s): the Taunka

Race: Taunka

Class: Shaman

Skills and Abilities: Ice elemental patronage: Through actively reforming her methods of shamanism, Algid has earned the respect of ice elementals in Northrend. lending their power to her, her wind and water shaman abilities give off an icy presence. When meditating, she gives off a subtle chill, as she listens to the elementals that remind her of home.

Age: 26

Sex: female

Hair: mottled grey and white, with a thick, somewhat fluffy mane that coats her head (sans face) neck and shoulders.

Eyes: pale brown

Scale/Height: 1.1

Usual Garments/Armor: Fur and leather; usually wears a well-worn shawl made from the fur of an albino shoveltusk.


Personality: As is common to Taunka, Algid is reserved around strangers. However, due to the hardships her people have experienced in the past years, she is more than willing to open up to those who have also suffered at the hands of the Horde. Algid is a kind soul, eager to right wrongs inflicted upon both the people of Azeroth as well as the natural balance in Azeroth. Feeling kinship with the elemental spirits of water, wind and ice, her homesickness is mostly subdued, and she feels free to fulfill her wanderlust, as long as she gathers knowledge through her travels to one day help the Taunka people.

History: Born in a small but cozy Taunka encampment a day's walk from Icemist Village, Algid's early childhood was a harsh but simple one- do as your told and pitch into the community where possible, and you will survive the bitter cold of the lands humbly, but in reasonable comfort. As she grew, Algid gained a fascination with the magic her grandfather, a Taunka shaman wielded, and preferred his lessons relating to the practice of harnessing the power of nature to her parents' teaching her to fish and hunt, to their chagrin. As she grew into a young woman, however, dangers in Northrend grew as the forces of the Scourge spread, and her neighbors and family relocated more closely to the safety of Icemist village.

Her delicate physique (for a Taunka) made her less than an ideal candidate for an aspiring Brave, but her eagerness to help her people and the lessons from her grandfather made her a useful apprentice to the Icemist shamans. Over time, she grew competent in her craft, particularly when using the powers of water and nature to heal the sick or injured and slowing the creeping death of the Scourge's plague at bay in Taunka lands. Her efforts, and those of the Taunka around her, eventually came to naught, as their village became overrun by Nerubian forces in the name of the Scourge. Among the slain were her immediate family, her parents having died in the initial attack, and her grandfather succumbing days later to a rotting wound inflicted upon him by a Scourge peon as he and Algid fled. She took her grandfather's Shoveltusk-pelt shawl and used most of her remaining energy to burn her grandfather's body so that he would not become a tool for the Scourge.
Cold and both literally and emotionally exhausted, she trudged through the cold in a delirious state for an amount of time unknown to her, when a young caribou doe crossed her path. Though ready to collapse, she felt a strong, innate pull to follow the creature, and that she did, though only briefly, as she finally lost consciousness.

Algid woke up to the sounds and smells of life, in a small camp of Horde scouts making their way through the Northrend wilderness. Providing her with food and companionship, she traveled with them back to Warsong Hold. After the recent loss of her friends and family, Algid could not bring herself to join the Horde armed forces, though she was grateful for their aid to her, and as she came to learn, to her people as a whole. She again sought to make herself useful in her own way, reaching out to the shaman of the Horde.

From them, she learned of the nature of the Elements and of natural balance, which left her appalled at her own shamanistic practices. Algid had been taught that the elements were entities that one must bend and tame in order to survive, though before her were people of many different races and paths who lived in harmony with them. Ashamed of her techniques, which forced the elements to her will, she learned from the Horde shamans how to listen to the elements, and just how great the need for shamans who would bring balance to the lands was in this time of crisis. She spent the next few years among members of the Earthen ring to relearn shamanism and earning the trust of the spirits of Northwind. In time, she felt the chaos brewing in Azeroth, and traveled South to lend a hand to help the embittered elements where the Cataclysm struck most gravely, promising to herself that if she and the world itself survived, she would share all that she had learned with a new generation of Taunka shaman.
As far as I know, the females of the race still have to go though the CMC process, because they're still not a standard race and require Kretol's approval to play them. That's what I last knew of the discussion and it hasn't really been picked up since then. Sort of like how female forest/frost trolls are still a no-go and only jungle trolls are allowed.
Any responses to this, @Dae?
Life's been too hectic for me lately to follow through with the special requirements of a CMC- I'd have to shelve this project if that's the only option. :/

That being said, it would be nice for the aforementioned details of non-CM CMCs to be posted somewhere if that's policy.
Hey Dae, with Taunka now being okay under sub-CMCs, we can work with you and see about approving this, if you still want this character. Just edit in the necessary information from the New Custom Model Character Options thread and give us a shout.

Edited for New mini-CMC requirements.
I also changed her name to something with more Zip.
Spacing required between in-game name and nicknames. History could also use some double spacing. You also misspelled Taunka a few times in the profile (see: associates and race in main profile).

As for Display ID, since Taunka women are the same model as Tauren women, that's not necessary. I ran through two of the villages and most of the women are usually white furred, so there's that. But for an aura visual... I know we got ghost ones, but that would make her see-through. I'm not sure if we got icy ones, and if we don't, you'd have to ask Kretol to make a trinket for ya (after finding a magic effect to use).
Fixed the above issues.

Also, I realize I shouldn't be getting ahead of myself; Taunka are much larger than the average Tauren, and a larger scale itself may be enough of a visual indicator that she isn't a native tauren.

If it is an issue, I'll revisit it with a post/thread.
If you're going with a larger scale, why do you have it down at .97? If you want a Taunka that is larger than the average Tauren, you should be going with something above 1.00.
Math has kindly used GM magic to find a decent average height for a Taunka lass. Going with 1.1 for scale.
You still have her with "Her small stature (for a Taunka)" in the history. Edit that out or just lower the scale a bit.
Switched it to "delicate physique."
First Approval (1/2)

Make a ticket in-game with your model ID and the mount you want, and the overseers'll get to you soon!

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