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Alicia Ivory Lorend [Human Paladin, Knight-Captain]
Player: Scout

Character Full Name: Alicia Ivory Lorend

Character In-Game Name: Ivory


Association(s): Stormwind, Lordaeron, the Alliance, the Silver Hand

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: A diverse set of skills. Competent on the offense and defense. Excellent leader. Mastery of line combat.

Age: 31

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde; long, french braided

Eyes: Blue

Scale/Height: 5’6” (1.01)

Weight: 148 lb

Usual Garments/Armor: Plate armor and knight’s colors, or a simple, loose blue tunic with a belt and brown leggings.

Other: Prefers a longsword and kite shield. Adept in several other weapons.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Fairly soft-spoken, but can be loud when she needs to be. Direct, but sensitive. Enjoys being playful and joking with her friends. She cares about the well-being of those around her, and strives to keep them safe, but sometimes can be harsh, due to her military training. She is deeply introspective, and not afraid to admit when she’s wrong once she’s had time to internalize it. Despite her desire to help, she can be rather vindictive.

History: Alicia was born north of Alterac to a pair of farmers. She had a relatively uneventful life for the first years of her life, too young to meaningfully contribute to the farm. She often amused herself by wandering around in the fields with her friends, playing games and alternately amusing and infuriating other farmers.

When Alicia was five years old, she met a paladin in passing that was traveling through her village. While they didn’t have a very deep conversation, Alicia quite enjoyed spending time with the knight, and she found the notion of such a role to be very interesting and adventurous.

During the Second War, her family was evacuated to the Capital City, where they hid behind the walls as the orcs invaded. Alicia was only seven years old at the time, but she did what she could to help people out--usually simple tasks, such as bringing buckets of water to help put out fires, but she had a strong desire to help others. The period was stressful for her, but she fought through it, despite having very few friends during the months there.

Some of Alicia’s friends were gone when she returned to her home, but most of them had survived the Second War. Alicia took upon a romanticized view of Lordaeron’s military, given that they had defended her and her family, and often took up a stick and bucket for a sword and shield when playing with her friends. Sometimes people would say she couldn’t be a footwoman, because only boys could use swords, but she persisted regardless. Her parents, however, encouraged the behavior, and even had a wooden sword made for her so that she could feel more immersed in her play.

When Alicia was thirteen, her village was invaded by bandits while she was playing. Rather than run and hide, she took up her wooden sword and a torch, and ran to help the town guard against the bandits. She was intercepted part way there by a bandit with a mace, however. Being just a child with no true training, she had difficulty going toe-to-toe with the full-grown man, but she kept him at bay with her torch and struck him with her wooden sword several times. Soon enough, however, the man caught her sword and snapped it, rendering her almost defenseless. Just before he would have smashed her, help arrived, incapacitating the thug and putting him in manacles.

It turned out that the paladin that Alicia had met eight years ago had come to the village’s aid, and while she didn’t quite recognize him at first, he remembered her name. Astonished by her valor, the knight gave her a short sword and allowed her to help defend the village from the rest of the bandits. After the fighting was said and done, he took her back to her family, and told them that he thought she would be an excellent candidate for the Knights of the Silver Hand. Her parents were amazed by the honor bestowed on their child, and agreed to let her be taken to a church for training.

Alicia found life at the church to be very difficult, but also very rewarding. She served as a squire under the knight that had taken her in, and learned the art of war and the ways of the Holy Light. Her favored weapons soon became the sword and shield, as she often practiced with in her youth, but she also found polearms to be useful weapons of utility, and so also trained in them. As a knight in training, she had a small income, which she sent all of back to her parents, relying simply on what the church provided for her. This allowed her parents to move to Stratholme and take up merchant work instead of farming.

The Cult of the Damned began its operations just as Alicia drew close to knighthood. The news troubled her, but she focused more on completing her training than worrying about a threat that was, in her mind, relatively minor and soon would come under control. The day that Alicia was knighted, she went home to visit her parents and have dinner with them in Stratholme. She sat with them for the first time as Lady Alicia Lorend, no longer a commoner.

As she ate her dinner, she felt that something tasted off about it, but she didn’t comment on it, so as not to insult her parents. She felt fine, but before too long, her parents became feverish and ill. She helped them to their bedroom and stayed by their sides, doing what she could to help relieve their illness. Within a couple of hours, they were both dead. Alicia had no time to grieve, however, as they both arose as ghouls within minutes. The threat that Alicia had thought was so distant was now a harsh reality for her.

Alicia fled her house and put on her armor, readying her weapons, and made for the entrance. She heard from the villagers that Prince Arthas was systematically slaughtering the entire city, and also heard of the spread of the undead plague. She evaded both prince and dreadlord, though she had to destroy some ghouls in order to escape. Uther’s army wasn’t too far away, and she managed to meet up with them and other knights of the Silver Hand.

From that point on, Alicia’s duty became fighting against the undead, and gathering up survivors. She had a platoon of foot soldiers that she led around Lordaeron, gathering civilians where she could and checking them for symptoms of the plague. Those that couldn’t be saved were culled, much to Alicia’s regret. The Light did not fail her in her time of need, and she managed to fight off the undead where she needed to. For her efforts, she was swiftly promoted to knight-lieutenant--especially as many of the paladins were busy elsewhere, and ranking officers were in short supply.

As Jaina prepared to leave for Kalimdor in the wake of Uther's death, Alicia decided to go with her with her unit, despite the difficulties faced in Lordaeron. She thought that, despite Lordaeron being her home, hope for the human race was more promising in a new land without the plague. She went across the sea to Kalimdor, where she helped Jaina’s forces to set up a settlement.

Alicia was assigned to the north, at the south of Ashenvale, where she first oversaw the lumber operations, and later defended against orcs and night elves. It wasn’t long before it became apparent that the Undead Scourge--and the Burning Legion with them--were on their way to Kalimdor. The Battle of Hyjal was Alicia’s first true battle, and it tested her mind, body and soul to their fullest. Despite fighting on the front lines, Alicia survived, along with a number of soldiers in her unit.

As soon as ships back to the Eastern Kingdoms began to come and go from Theramore, Alicia requested reassignment, and returned to her home continent. Kalimdor didn’t feel like home to her, and she was relieved to arrive in Stormwind, which, while different from Lordaeron, was close enough to give her some comfort. She retired from active duty for a short while, put on reserve, but after barely a year she returned to active service. During the following years, she was unceremoniously promoted to knight-captain.

Alicia saw little action until the Lich King rose again in the north. Alicia’s relationship with the Undead Scourge always felt personal to her, so she managed to obtain an assignment in Northrend. She helped to construct Valiance Keep, and moved with the Alliance Vanguard to various posts. Ultimately, she would find herself in Icecrown with the Argent Crusade and the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance. She participated in the battle at Icecrown Citadel, and at long last, the Lich King was defeated.

Alicia remained on active duty for a while longer, but since the Cataclysm, she has retired from active service again, returning to reserve forces. She now wanders as a knight-errant, providing help and protection to those in need.


She has an officer rank in the Alliance, so she has special needs.

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Which officer rank is the character? It's something we need to be able to pick out at a first glance, preferably in the title.
I tend to use Reigen's weight and height guide for my own characters. So looking at it, I need to say that the average human woman at 1.0 scale would be 5'7". .99 or so would make her 5'6" if you wished. As well, she's very thin for a woman that is supposed to be a soldier.

Also, this.

Quote:Prince Uther’s army wasn’t too far away, and she managed to meet up with them and other knights of the Silver Hand.

Did you mean regular ol' Uther or Prince Arthas?

Quote:As Jaina prepared to leave for Theramore, Alicia decided to go with her with her unit, despite the difficulties faced in Lordaeron. She thought that, despite Lordaeron being her home, hope for the human race was more promising in a new land without the plague. She left Uther behind and went across the sea to Kalimdor, where she helped Jaina’s forces to set up a settlement.

Theramore would not be established until after the Third War, being built up at the same time as Orgrimmar. As well, by the time Jaina left for Kalimdor, Uther would be dead.

Quote:She participated in the battle at Icecrown Citadel, and at long last, the Lich King was defeated.

What exactly did she do there?
She's a knight-captain. Sorry for vagueness.

Derp, that should just be Uther. Mind was still on Arthas. Theramore should likewise be Kalimdor.

At Icecrown she merely participated in the conflict. I didn't think there was anything too specific that needed to be included.

As for height, she's 5'6". Average human female height is 5'5", according to wiki guidelines. 66 inches divided by 65 inches equals 1.0153, truncated to 1.01. There is method to my madness.

Sorry for the problems. It's been a while since a wrote a profile, and I couldn't find the special profile guidelines anywhere. Changes have been made.


A note. Editing original posts in PD with Tapatalk causes the thread to lose its tags.
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