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Yes, yes. You finally get a chance to praise me for my leet RP skillz... Or not. Cry

Terant- Rebel Blood Knight- Concord of Subjugation
Aleina- Young Kaldorei Priestess- (Haven't been on her in forever)
Saanto- Draenei Archmage/City Councilperson- Kirin Tor
Akira- Angry Troll Shaman- Darkspear Echoes- (Also don't play much anymore)
Neera- Delta fighter Gnome- Gnomish Special Forces
Hantin- Businessdwarf- Wiltonsteel Enterprises
Keetan- Pirate Troll- Pirates of La Calypso- (Fairly new)

And that is all!
Even though it seemed to bother you, when everyone made a big deal about inn's arrest. I loved that RP, I loved the tension in Silvermoon and I loved how Terant reacted to it all. I think he's a solid, believable character. I always enjoy my RP with him, and you have been OOC friendly to me as well. Unfortunately he is the only character of yours I got to RP with...But you are solid IMO.

Not to praise you, just to tell you the truth. You are a great addition to the server. *Nod*
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"What are we, as role-players, if not authors in real time?" - MrBubbles

"I've always treated Role-play as Collaborative Writing. Co-authoring the stories of your characters, alongside other people." - Flammos200
Haha, I was fine with the RP for the inn arrest thing, it just bothered me how people thought the next step was getting locked away forever or beaten to death or something like that. Other than that it was fun. Thanks for the feedback! <3
I enjoy hanging around with ya mate, I've mainly been around you when you were on Terant or Saanto, and I've enjoyed it both and think you do a good job, Hantin I've seen a few times and I kinda like how you handle him, believe we had some fun playing Blackjack on the La Calypso ship one time while you were on Keetan and I on Roven, so... keepit up mayte!
"It's always do Gnomes have a vibration setting... what about Goblins, huh? huh?!"

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