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Ama'Syrena Amberdawn (Blood Elf Noble Mage)
Player: MstrCorvus

Character Full Name: Syrena Amberdawn

Character In-Game Name: Syrena

Nickname: Rena, Sirry, ‘Milady’

Association(s): Amberdawn Family

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Mage

Skills and Abilities:

- Tutoring: Syrena has had private tutoring for fencing since she was young and as such has mild skill with a rapier.

- Mother’s Love: Almost from birth, Syrena was taught magic by her mother and while not being as powerful a mage as her, Syrena is an above-average frost mage.

Age: 138

Sex: Female

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Fel Green

Weight: 57 Kg

Height: 1.9m

Scale: 1.07

Appearance: Syrena is tall, like all of the Amberdawns although she is not as tall as a pureblood as her father’s genes affected her, leaving her standing at just over 2 metres tall. Her hair is a mild orange and is cut short, sitting off her collar and is normally hanging free of ponytails and such. Her figure is slim but not bony as she has lean muscles due to her outdoorsy nature.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Syrena is a pleasant person to be around and always treats others with respect, regardless of race, gender or class.. She is a very free-spirited girl and will often do things that her family frowns upon such as going and climbing a tree in the forest or sliding down the banister. Always considered a ‘black sheep’ among her family of high-class mages, she would not look down upon the servants and see them as a lesser but rather offer to help them out with things and ask how their day was. She is a kind soul and always looks out for people worse off than she is. Although she is constantly trying to find ways to irritate her mother, she loves all her family very dearly. If someone in her family were in danger, she would do as much as she could to help them. She extends this courtesy to those who are suffering and would stay the hand of a guard attempting to cut off a thief’s hand. If the man was starving and barely surviving, she would give him some food and send him on his way, being more merciful than the rest of her family.

Syrena was born as daughter to Nevael Amberdawn, an Elven Noble in the kingdom of Quel’Thalas and lived a very comforted young life. She grew up around the best tailors, the best cooks and the best guards. Seeing the way that all the other family members treated the servants made her sad and even as a young girl, tried to help them in duties she could help with. Her mother berated her for this and always told her that ‘they are the servants and we are the masters, we’re better.’ This mentality appalled Syrena and as she grew up, came to treat some of the servants as if they were equals to her and helped them with whatever she could.

From a very young age, Syrena was taught magic by her mother who showed her the ways of the arcane and how to manipulate it. Her mother was a very strong fire mage and tried to get Syrena to do the same but her growing desire to antagonise her mother pushed her to focus her energy into frost magic, which she enjoyed both because she found it easier and because it annoyed her mother.

This mother/daughter ‘rivalry’ increased in magnitude over the years with Syrena spending her days of pleasure and luxury as a noble running through forests and getting covered in muck rather than sitting in her room all day reading books or sewing things. Her adventurous nature caused her to spend a fair deal of time near the guard barracks, watching them train and fight. She went to her mother and said that she wanted to learn how to wield a sword and, reluctantly, her mother allowed this on the condition that it was nothing heavier than a rapier because ‘at least those are elegant.’ So in addition to learning frost magic, Syrena spent lots of time with a private tutor, learning how to wield a rapier with grace and poise.

Syrena spent decades training, reading, exploring, befriending servants and enjoying her pampered lifestyle until the Third War came around. When the Scourge invaded Silvermoon, her mother told her to go and get somewhere safe with the rest of the family and she did so. She hid with her family members until the destruction of the Sunwell was finished and the Scourge left Quel’Thalas. When the addiction to magic began to overwhelm the elves, Syrena tried to stop but she had no choice but to turn to Fel magic and she fed on it to sate her magic addiction. But unlike her missing mother, she did not use Fel magic and remained true to her arcane teachings.

She helped with the rebuilding of Silvermoon and her life calmed back down when the Sunwell was restored. When her mother returned, she was overjoyed to see her despite their constant fighting before she had left. With her mother back and her life mostly reconstructed, Syrena spends her days exploring, training and enjoying the life of a noble’s daughter whilst also trying her best with helping out servants in their duties and trying to make friends with them.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
Couple of quick things I just want to point out:

Spacing error between the first and second paragraph.

Her real name is Ama'Syrena, but she's only Syrena in-game. Normally we ask that you use the full first name unless it is taken for some reason. What's the reason for the differences here? I know you cannot put a ' in the names in-game, but the name can still be AmaSyrena.
You can't put ' and also when you put the name in, it only capitalizes the first letter so it would look like Amasyrena.
Spacing fixed!
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
I would still suggest just having the name as Amasyrena then. A lot of people leave the ' out and just add it in when introducing themselves, or just having her real name be Syrena. It's still elvish either way.
Alright, I'll chop it down to Syrena. Having the long name without the apostrophe looks messy to me.
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
— G.K. Chesterton

[Image: tumblr_n9hl98KKPd1r4fnslo1_500.gif]

Have a puppy Ruby and a nice day.
First approval! (1/2)
Second approval. (2/2) (Who needs fancy green colours.)

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