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Amalys Novalight [Blood Elf][Noble]
'''Player''': [[Rini|Rini]]

'''Character Full Name''': Amalys Novalight

'''Character In-Game Name''': Amalys

'''Nicknames''': None

'''Associations''': The Novalight Family, Silvermoon City

'''Race''': [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class''': [[Mage|Battlemage]]

'''Special Abilities''': Sword and Spell – As a battlemage, Amalys is capable of both physical as well as magical combat. Her fighting style focuses upon the use of her melee weapon (such as a staff or sword) while she uses her magic to assist her if she feels it is needed.

'''Age''': 100

'''Sex''': Female

'''Hair''': Blonde

'''Eyes''': Fel Green

'''Weight''': 142 lbs.

'''Height''': 5’9”


'''Usual Garments/Armor''': Amalys’s clothing varies depending upon the situation. She typically avoids wearing robes due to the restriction of movement, reserving them for formal occasions. Clothes with elaborate designs are most often worn. A staff or sword is oftentimes on her person, most often the former due to personal preference.

'''Other''': She has taken to sewing pockets into the sleeves of her robes or shirts. Within these sleeves are various supplies needed for mage spells such as light feathers. Spare change is often tucked into her sleeves should she be in a hurry.


Amalys retains the curiosity and energy displayed in her childhood years, focusing this instead on the exploration of the world outside of Eversong Forest instead of peacefully scorning her supervisors. She’s generally friendly towards strangers. Despite being free spirited, she is naturally an eager to please individual who enjoys helping others however possible.

Amalys enjoys the diverse beauties of the world and often paints or draws the foreign places she encounters in her travels. Humble of her artistic ability, she does not often share her work with others. Oftentimes she would stop in the middle of a road and drop to the ground, setting her satchel before her and pulling out her drawing pad and utensils. She would proceed to draw whatever caught her eye.


Free spirited and adventurous, as a child Amalys was constantly wandering off to explore the Novalight estate grounds on her own or with her twin, Jidaeo the Third, by her side. While Jideao was an independent young elf, Amalys would often sway him to leave home for days on end to wander Eversong Forest in search of the chance to see a song bird up close or a lynx sun bathing on a rock. The house staff that was to overlook the safety of the children was oftentimes met with a wild chase that was the combination of youthful speed and elven wit as Amalys found an entertaining challenge in escaping their supervision. She understood at an early age that peace was a valuable thing as she often left the bustling Novalight estate to seek it. All throughout her childhood, she wandered like an unbound spirit out of the sight of her supervisors and into the outside world. Little attention was paid to her younger sister, Reigen, outside of the occasional offers for her to join Amalys in her ventures outdoors.

As Amalys developed into a young adult, her athletic build and aptitude for the arcane caused her to catch the attention of both her father. Zariel Novalight taught Amalys the ways of a battlemage while Reigen Sunfire overlooked the training. Amalys had taken a path similar to their father while he twin had become a hunter like his mother. As soon as she was able, she left the training of her two masters and continued venturing the world; this time farther than she had before due to her ability to defend herself, much to the displeasure of her parents who would rather see Amalys safely at home rather than wandering Azeroth without a set destination. Jidaeo the Third was often invited to join her, as was her sister Reigen, named in honour of Reigen Sunfire.

Amalys was in Stormwind city at the time of the Scourge attack when she received word from a fellow high elf of the rumoured attack of their beloved city. Immediately returning home upon hearing word of this, Amalys appeared days after the Scourge forces had begun to ebb. Her safety was assured to her family and remained with the Novalight house to ensure its recovery. During this time, she had developed a closer relationship with the members of her immediate family as during that period of time she was content with not drifting away. When the choice to become a blood elf or remain a high elf was presented, Amalys was met with indecisiveness. While she wished to do as she pleased, the pressure of the Novalight house bore heavily upon her. She solemnly albeit acceptingly chose to become a blood elf with the rest of her family. The thought of leaving her family and remaining a high elf was ever-present in her mind, yet ignored.

Shortly after the choice to become a blood elf was made, Amalys cut the ties with the Alliance associates she had made during her travels. Never one to care too much for the Horde, she found herself not too particularly pleased with the transition, yet she kept her objections to herself. Shortly afterwards Amalys left home to travel again, visiting more frequently than before. She was within Dalaran during the time of Deathwing’s attack and remained within the city for some time due to the sense of security it had offered. Two months after Deathwing’s initial attack she had ventured home again to assure her family of her safety. In the time that followed she remained near home, occasionally venturing out on her own or with her siblings again.

[[Category:Character]][[Category:Blood Elf]][[Category:Mage]][[Category:Special]][[Category:Player:Rini]]
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Maybe my Belvish is lacking, but I don't see anything out of the ordinary with this profile.

[Image: yEKW9gB.png]

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