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Amazure, a hunter of the Darksprear tribe.
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player:
I came from a PvE server where I did a lot of raiding but it got old, all ways having to gear and do runs. I was good at it but it just was not what I expected from the game, I like to interact with others and the game not just mindlessly run around killing every thing with no real reaction from the NPC or the players. When I first bought the game I though it would be like a online version of D&D more or less, with role play built in but that was not the case and I was very disappointed. I am glad that I have finally found a place where the game can meet my expectations.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?:
America. English. I don't really know any other language as I don't plan on moving to another country any time soon.

How did you get into Warcraft?:
My brother in laws ( I say laws cause there were 2 of them pushing me to join) told me about it and had me play a few start up chars to see if I liked it the game system was refreshing and easy to learn so I bought the game and never looked back.

What made you seek our server over others?:
It looked like a nice play for some one like me who likes to RP and interact with other to spend there play time.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?:
Every kind. I like a mix of every thing verity is the spice of life so they so and I agree.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?:
I like Warriors cause they let me play out my violent tendencies in a none disruptive way and its just wicked to smash some things face in with a sword. But I also enjoy playing Hunters because I have a lot of animals in real life. I find it fun to take my pets characteristics and apply them to my hunter pets. Shamans are also a fun class to play because I grew up with a lot of American Indian lore in my family so seeing a class that has some of those characteristics is appealing to me.

What are your expectations of this server?:
Simple a fun a friendly place to play wow in a RP prominent environment with people who like me enjoy the game for its depth and complexity.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?: I like others have said I like these apps I am a strong believer in quality over quantity. And I am sick and tired of the normal servers that Blizzard runs where so Meany people get on and just start problems.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!: Amazure grew up in the shadow of the Gurubashi empire his father and mother members of the Darkspear tribe he was greatly affected by the politics that surrounded his life even though he was to young to understand them at the age of five. After five more years of servitude to the Gurubashi and the incursion of the humans, the leaders of the Darkspear tribe met thrall, Amazure and his family eagerly joined the horde and started a new life in Durotar free of the tyranny of the Gurubashi empire. At the age of thirteen Amazure's father and mother were killed after being sent of a quest to help attack Zalazanes bases and gather information. After the fall of his parents Amazure has decided to follow the same path that his father did, to become a Hunter and learn the ways of the wild. Now at 17 Amazure is finally ready to start his journey in Azeroth, and find is place amongst the horde and the world.

(( note to moderators. I like to keep my stories a short introduction like this give a basic back ground and leaves all most every thing up to chance and role play with others.))
This is a short tale to show you my writing style

It was a cold and harsh night in the barrens, the wind was sweeping from the east hard and fast bringing the smell of blood. Amazure a young hunter had been dispatched to find the Burning Blade atop dead mist peak and destroy the Deamon Seed. He was at the foot of the mountain now and his adriline was pumping. He had just finished killing one of the gaurds shot him in the neck so he cound not scream. He slowly creeped his way up the hill side he did not want to make any extra noise or motion than he needed to. There were gaurds every where but why kill them all and cause the entire mountain to come down on him? He was smarter then that he would slowly quietly stalk up the mountain then kill the leaders and destroy the seed as ordered. When the moon was at its peak he reached the top of the mountain the moons eerie light was obscured by the smoke from the fires of the Burning Blades Camp fires. He watched the troops moving about the hill top. Every fifteen minuets there would be a break in the watch as they changed out the guards. He also noticed that the cave on the top of the mountain had a bright light shining from it, that was where Neeru Fireblade had said that the Demon Seed was being held; it was also said to be where all the leaders were encamped. He waited and watched as the guards continued their change of the guard. he wait for what he could tell was a hour but there was no real way to tell time up here in the wild. He watched as the guards swapped out again and he watched where they came from he saw a way to get to the cave. He decided to on the next change make a run for it. He waited patiently quietly the old guard left and went to get his replacement. He stringed a arrow on his bow and tipped it with poison made from a scorpions venom. The new guard came out and took his place above him and to the left about twenty feet. He aimed and let loose the arrow. It flew fast and silently struck the Orc in the neck and he fell forward with out a sound his spine severed by the arrow. He landed next to Amazure. The young hunter covered the orcs corpse with what brush he could find around him. He had to act fast now he had fifteen minuets to get in the cave kill the leaders use the Power stone Neeru Fireblade had given him to destroy the demon seed and back down the mountain to safety. He stood up the time for secrecy was over now speed was the most important aspect of this mission. he ran up the side of the mountain and onto the plateau on the top he saw no one else there just the red light from the cave. he ran over toward the cave entrance and when he got near he slowed down and crept up to the edge of the entrance and peered in. he saw three Burning Blade warlocks standing around a pillar of fire with a crystal atop it. He also saw the large demon the one known as Rathorian. He weighed the risks go in now and fight them all to gather or go back to Neeru and inform him of the situation. He decided to attack. He knocked three arrows his mentor had told him of a way to shoot more then one arrow at a time and he had practiced it several times now was the time to try it out. He Pulled back his bow string and jumped into the breach that was the opening of the cave. He aimed his bow and the subsequent three arrows at the Burning Blade warlocks and fired hitting one of them in the eye one in the neck and one in the chest two hit the floor dead the one with the wound to the chest look at him in horror and then began chanting. At that same time Rathorian started to charge him sword held high. Amazure quickly knocked a arrow and shot the warlock in the chest again he fell to the floor. Rathorian swung for his head and he deftly ducked under the attack and knocked a arrow and shot the demon in the back with it. the demon screamed and lunged forward under the pain then turned around and hit Amazure in the chest with a back hand sending him flying to the back of the cave. He hit the ground hard but he was not out of the fight yet and his opponent was at the other side of the cave now and back in range of his deadly bow. He knocked a heavy arrow he had prepared just in case he found him self in need of a little extra punch. He let the arrow loose and it hit the Demon in the chest slowing the charge of the beast. He used that extra time to his advantage and knocked another poisoned arrow and fired it at the beast hitting it in the eye. At the pain from being shot in the eye the demon regained its will to fight and charged him headlong. Amazure was barely able to dodge under the attack. He drew his long sword and slashed at the Demons right leg hitting it squarely. The demon swung again and hit his chest. Luckily for Amazure he had recently bought a chain mail chest piece or he would have been cleaved in half. As the Demon finished his follow through Amazure saw a opening in his defenses and he jabbed his sword forward stabbing the demon in the face. A river of blood flowed down his blade and the demon fell backwards from the viscous attack. He was glad he has listened to his father when he had told him to practice with both bow and blade. He slowly rose to his feet and walked over to the pillar with the Crystal. He inspected he the crystal atop it was definitely the demon seed that Neeru had informed him of he stepped back to the entrance and threw the power crystal that he had received upon departure into the fire. the crystal atop the pillar shattered into pieces and the explosion spread the ashes and sparks around the cave and doused the fire. Amazure head the alarms then the Burning Blade guards had found the corpse and was heading over here he could see the torch lights, he had to act fast. His mind was racing he had to get down but the torch lights showed that they had blocked off the trail that he had used to get up here. He looked around him this his left was another face of the mountain more steep it had no trails that he could think of but he deiced it was the only way. He jumped with all his strength, and tumbled as he hit the downward slope he was going fast but he was able to roll with it and was only receiving minor scratches and bruises . He was able to get his feet under him and started to run using the momentum of the downward slope to make him move even faster. He soon reached the bottom of the mountain and was able to find the road, as he slowly limped off back to Neeru he chuckled as he imagined his face when he told him what he had done that nigh.

This is based off of a quest line in Durotar and the Barrens and was used as a way for me to show my writing style and nothing more.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?: I have been playing D&D for about 1 year and I enjoy it a lot, I am also 17-18 this June. Hmm I am going to have to try a Druid Vegan just to RP that out, I think it would be a interesting conflict to play out, can he eat manna biscuits that mages make? They are made of the energy of a living being and are a part of the life cycle, but is it immoral to eat them when it dose not harm any thing and is not fatal to the person who makes them? This could be fun..
Welcome to the server!
[Image: Untitled-332.png]
I am currently patching down. But i look foreward to playing with you all soon, thanx for accepting me should be fun to rp with you all.

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