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Another one steps down
Looks like ol' Friedrich's comin' back to a different world now.

Enjoy and cherish every moment you have with your boy, Rensin. Like you would need anyone telling you that, haha. I know you will.

It's going to be a not-so-easy time trying to adjust back to the population without you and the others, but hopefully I'll manage.

Best wishes, mister

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Alright, good stuff mate, hope to see you again to shoot off one of my others characters legs.

Nice one, safe.
Who Loves Orange Soda?
Hehe, good luck with your kid Rensin, I'm sure we will see you around online from time to time. Much congrats to you.
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Well. Congratulations. To all the people on the server. I've seen it before this will happen.

There is a mininum number of people on a server under which it can't simply exist. And five people per a day can be REALLY boring. I came back only to tell you some things you really forgot, and with which you could have saved this otherwise pretty server:

- Your application system is extremely SLOW. It repelled even the best would-be-roleplayers, who have lost their patience after a week.

- The heap of restrictions. For example, the level 50 restriction was simply foolish. And Northrend... everyone must keep step with the new times, or he will be dropped into an old archive.

- Hmm... lack of ideas. Stepping in the same places, talking only with the same 4 people, nothing event-like thingies... well, it isn't the most fertile ground for ideas.

My best wishes to the GM squad. Really, you tried to do everything. Good luck with your family, your friends... your real life.

An idea has grown too old.
R.I.P. Conquest of the Horde.
Bye all.
Cyrus Marevine - Human Explorer of the Explorer's League, Soldier of Stormwind
Seoran Swiftwrench - Dwarven Hunter, Engineer, Pilot
Rest in Peace? Oh come on, it's just a three day downtime. The server isn't shutting down. We still have plenty of good friendly GMs and players.
I have to say, all this "R.I.P." CoTH stuff is pretty silly. Just because some of us GMs have stepped down, it's not the end of the server. And the "lack of idea's" thing is coming from someone who hadn't been around during a time when the server was stable, so really, saying that we had 'the same old concepts' is a pretty narrow point of view.

When we end up striving past all of this crap, it will be better. I look forward to this conflict that is being planned, and for the rest of the stuff to come.

Edit: Also, if you had looked at, well, anything before posting this, the application process is now very different than before, and Northrend has been open OOCly for a while.

AND, it had only been a little over a month that we had these things in place. The level 50 restriction only applied to people who didn't put up profiles, or attempt to get vouches via roleplay.

Again, I just think it's an opinion of someone who came here during a hard time, and just wrote us off as something dying.
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△Move along.△


How can you say that this community is dead? Everyday I see new posts and replies on the forums, which proves that most of the members are active. It's just the server being down which makes you think that no one is online.
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Gorlak Bonegrinder - Orc Warrior
Some folks just can't turn down the chance to make a post with dramatic flair, even if it's based on inaccurate information. I guess it's kind of like biting your nails or twirling pencils, half the time they aren't even aware of the habit.

Anyhow, I demand to see more baby pics soon, Rensin.
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
I'll get right on that.
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△Move along.△


Man... I wish you the best Rensin, I havn't gotten to know you that well but, man I seriously think it is alright, family and RL always should come first.
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