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Anski Needs Help: Installing Cataclysm
Hi friends. I felt as though this semi-unique problem needed it's own thread.

I have an installer exe, for PC, that I downloaded off the intertubes. It's a basic level cataclysm disc, except not the disc. Knowingly, I backed up my COTH-WoW into a new copy, and unknowingly, tried to install it over the original copy, leaving my new COTH-WOTLK copy in tact, as a sort of genetic master key in case everything went wrong. This, in effect, installed Cataclysm on this duplicate copy. I left during the installation and came back, seeing that it was preparing to patch. Knowing this is bad news bears for our server since it'll try to autopatch to the latest version and build, I stopped it midway, and now the wow.exe gets a wow error.

Naturally, i'll always have the backup COTH-WOTLK copy for constant cloning, but I was wondering if anyone with some know-how would help this poor girl not want to bash her keyboard across the wall. How do I install to our patch level with a disc installer, without it wanting to leap to Blizzard and find out what patch they're really on?
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I'd suggest going here and downloading the appropriate patches, and updating manually with them.

If it's not a "full" patch (i.e. the patch in question packaged with all those that preceded it,) you'll need to install them one by one, starting right after your current version. If you're getting a WoW.exe error, you might also need to run Repair.exe.

Good luck!
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Well, that I am quite used to, the manual patching. The issue is that I'm trying to install Cataclysm without it going right up to the topmost patch. It has to be on the internet to install, and as soon as it does, it tries to start patching immediately. I can't have that happen or else it'll-


Our patch is the last patch released for Cataclysm.

Gee. Shoulda read.

Regardless, I'll post back after I see what happens when I just let it do it's thing.
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]

But, if you download the full patch file, you can actually disconnect the internet completely and let it patch - it won't try to go to the latest version, then.
i am geko
i live heer
and my favorite food is crikkits
So I just kind of let it go, and it installed up to I tried running wow.exe, and got the same error as before, and it won't patch up automatically anymore. I tried using the repair and it said that I should reinstall WoW, which isn't really an option. I guess at this point, unless someone has a better idea, I'll just go ahead and start the long journey to manually patch up back to COTH level, in hope that it'll fix whatever is wrong.
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
Perhaps you should use the torrent that just gives you the 4.3.4 folder all-together? Or are there complications with using that?
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I can't torrent on my network, or else I would.

In other news: I hit another snag. Manual patching has a part where it's supposed to have the launcher do the patching, since one single tiny patch didn't come with a patch installer executable. I can't keep patching up from here without it and the launcher, despite any repair, will just not do it. I don't know what to do from this point. :\
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
Were you able to manually patch? How did you fix this? I noticed you've been in-game...
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