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Anski's Art Auditorium
So I made a thread already but it was kind of just 'here's something I did on The Protomen', and not really a full thread. I dusted off my tablet again tonight and decided to draw something, and make a thread as I practice this digital art stuff.

Tonight I drew my namesake character, Anski Solarclaw, also known as the Warrior. I wanted to do something that was kind of digital painting like but still had some pop colors, so I went all brushes and blending on the background and made the foreground pop as much as possible. I'm not really too phenomenal with the color of blood or swords and coats and stuff. I was told to draw flowers and horses and other pretty things when I was small so it kind of messed with my head.

Anyway, here it is:
[Image: akap2o.png]

I know, I gotta work on stuff. Criticism is always welcome.
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
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I made something else that I'm a little proud of. I've never been able to get a portrait of my namesake just right until now...

[Image: Anski.png]
[Image: wMRLoCF.gif]
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