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Any Watchmen fans out there?
Seeing as how I know there are some X-men fans on this server, I'd like to see how many of ya are fans of the greatest comic of all time. The Watchmen. About a week ago the trailer to the Watchmen 2009 movie was released, and I've gotta say that it made me squeal like a schoolgirl. I am a bit worried about "that 300 guy"'s contribution though. I'd hate for it to become some over-the-top gorefest. What do you folks think?
I admit that I never read the whole novel (for shame!), but I'm still pretty giddy about it.
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Frank Miller is a graphic novelist in his own right and understands not morphing other people's work into something not meant to be that way. The only reason 300 was as graphic as it was is because the actual graphic novel was that way. Frank has his own style to be sure, but he's not going to stray far from the path.

So far everything the guy has worked on has turned to gold, so I would expect this to be a great movie. He's also doing The Spirit, which I'm excited for.
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I get what you're saying, but I'm just such an avid Watchmen fan I worry about it even when there's no real reason to worry. *shrug*

And yeah, I'm looking forward to The Spirit too.

edit: And just because he can do a good job on his own works doesn't mean he'll be able to keep it up with a completely different style of graphic novel. I mean, comparing Sin City and The Watchmen is like comparing a truck and water. It's just not the same. Although, I will say that I enjoyed his Batman more than any other Batman. Frank Miller's great, but I have my doubts about what he could do to the Watchmen.
I haven't read The Watchmen, but I love Will Eisner. (I've only read some of his artbooks)

The movie looks gorgeous.
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