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Araeviss [Naga - Persistent]
Race of character/NPC: Naga

Class of character/NPC: Mage [I would suggest using a night elf female mage as the base!]

Name of character/NPC: Araeviss

Exact modelID requested: 22869

Duration that character will be used: Persistent

Purpose for the character/NPC: This character will be used not just for events, but also for general RP so others can interact with a race that is normally hostile as a whole. She is bound to water areas and unable to enter cities, but that does not mean she won’t be hard to find RP for.

Location the character/NPC will reside: Anywhere with water though mostly in Azshara.

Level requested: 80

Any special equipment needed: No equipment needed.

Other: I would like if she was made on one of my existing accounts, but fully understand if not!

Player: Reigen

Character Full Name: Araeviss

Character In-Game Name: Araeviss

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): N/A

Race: Naga

Class: Mage

Age: 10,457

Sex: Female

Hair: None

Eyes: Glowing purple


Height: ‘Stands’ around 7’4 from the ground to her top fin.

Usual Garments/Armor: Araeviss only wears a blue shirt to cover her chest.

Other: Her scales are a darker yellow color and the material between is colored a bright purple.

Personality: Araeviss as she is now is a rather sorrow-filled soul. She has only come to realize everything that she and her people lost when they were changed into the beasts they are now. She wants nothing more than to return home, but knows it is impossible. She has separated herself from the rest of the Naga in order to try to serve Elune once again the only way she can think of now, which is by assisting the night elves.

She is rather quiet when first approached, though still has a lot of stories to tell for the curious ear. She is quick to anger as well and will never be able to shake what her new nature is. She does her best to control herself around any race, fearing that one slip-up could cause her death. Araeviss knows she will not be trusted by her people or the land-dwellers and has become very paranoid of anyone she meets.

History: Araeviss lived a rather happy life as a child and was never stressed to push herself any more than she wanted to be pushed. Her mother was a faithful follower of Elune and her father she never came to know. He was always away and the few times she did see him, he never had all that much to say to her. As much as her mother encouraged her, she never really took to the idea of becoming a priestess herself. Another force caught her eye and she was soon smitten by the arcane.

Her mother did not support the idea of the path and even threatened her a few times to change her mind. Araeviss was stubborn, a trait she apparently had inherited from her father, and fled to join with the Highborne. Under the mentorship of one, she soon felt like she truly belonged with this group of people over her old family, even going as far as to denounce her mother’s ways. Her mother never made an effort to contact her after that, assuming the child was lost with this new obsession.

Araeviss took to the study of arcane quickly, never once missing a lesson and taking every chance she could to show off her new tricks to those around her. She was praised, just as they all were, for their devotion to Azshara over Elune. When the word of demons reached her ears, she worried at first, but soon shrugged it off. If the demons were any danger to them, Azshara would tell them what to do. She was lucky enough to not have been directly involved with any demons summoning, though heard of it from the safety of her room. Araeviss kept herself blind from the outside world, a mistake which cost many their ‘humanity’.

When it became clear that the Highborne was loosing the battle, Araeviss and several others huddled together, fearing death. Their fate was not so kind. As the city sank from the destruction of the well, she offered one of her first, and assumedly last, prayers to Elune. It did not take long for her to loose consciousness and she never expected to wake up.

Surprised didn’t even come close to what she felt when she opened her eyes to see the world around her. She was under the water, but she breathed with no trouble. Others around here started to stir and upon looking at them, Araeviss knew that something was strange. Everyone had changed, their forms mutated into some sort of serpent. She recoiled at first in horror at her own form, but with assurance from their leader, she grew to embrace it.

Her two new arms took a while to get used to, though she was grateful to find that she had not lost any of her magical talent. It was all the better as the females all seemed to gather as casters and the men as the warriors. For a long time she traveled with her people, raiding with them, killing with them and taking new land with them. She never once stopped to question her motives, never once looked back to her past to think on if it was worth it.

The happenings of the world came and went, meaning little to Araeviss. As her people split out across the world, she found herself thinking more and more on where she was and how she had gotten there. The thoughts began to consume her as she started to worry for her mother, wondering if she had survived. When stalking about some old ruins, she could read in the ruined walls the things that her mother used to preach to her. Once she found herself injured and unable to battle, the weight of it all came crashing down.

Araeviss felt a deep regret for everything she had said to her mother before leaving, she was upset and her state and most of all, she was angry with herself for what she had become. The blind devotion she had accused her mother of was nothing compared to how she had followed the orders of Azshara all these years. Her life was wasted and there was no way for her to go back. When she looked around to her people, Araeviss could feel nothing but sickness in what they had all become, so once more she fled.

Now truly an outcast, Araeviss felt the guilt of each passing day weigh her down until it started to effect her physically. She couldn’t stomach her new people anymore and her old hated her. When she crawled up on the beaches of Azshara, she was ready to give up and allow the buzzards to have her. Or she would have if not for the cries for help that caught her ear.

A young night elf was backed up against the wall by other naga, the poor girl had already taken a good beating as well. As the elf cried to Elune to be saved, a new rage burst forward in Araeviss. With her magic, she aided in slaying the other two naga and freeing the night elf. In the frenzy, the night elf slashed though Araeviss’ chest and left her to die. As the world started to fade, she swore she could feel the embrace of Elune’s Light once again.

When Araeviss woke up this time, she saw the very same night elf watching over her, only to have her apologize one she noticed the naga was awake. They exchanged a few words and the elf presented the naga with a shirt to help show that she was ‘different’ from the others. Once Araeviss was fully healed, she and the elf parted ways.

Now Araeviss seeks to redeem herself in the eyes of Elune to one day rejoin her people. She stalks the coast for anyone who is in need of help, embracing her new status of a true exile.
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Approved! I'll send a PM with login details once the character is created!
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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
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