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Arathi War
So I was thinking, we need to start Rp in Arathi again. I think if we tried it again it would be a lot easier for people to accept players deaths these days, thanks to the new ressurection policies we have had since August. I myself am encourging it on my Orc, Grollok, I even started an IC thread in the Incursions section, to get some horde activity hopefully going. What brought this up to me was, people and just went Stromgarde today, so I got some hordes together and did a scouting mission, and there was some mild Pvp, I had forgotten how fun this war was, I think if we just encourge people to head over there, things will get kickin again.

Give it some consideration, GMs feel free to respond to the thread I made as well in Incursions to get some Horde RP kicked off over there.
There is actually stuff going down in Arathi as the Ogres have been the controlling faction in Arathi.
[Image: classic-76561197997915481.png]
Great to hear, though I do notice most of the players in Arathi, like, 80-90% are alliance, which is also why I'm trying to get some horde activity there, before they are just wiped out of the war completely.
I think what would really revive the war effort would be if people abided by the combat rules in place in Wintergrasp: when you hit 0 hitpoints, it means forced retreat, not death.
[Image: 2mhzmdy.gif]
That would help a lot, just need to get more horde in on it!
Let's not forget the Sin'Sholai!
They should be invited aswell.
[Image: 124dk.jpg]
Even though they were said to have retreated, the Knights of the queen made a pretty suprising attack yesterday, so there could be a chance for them to come too.
Indeed, I would much like it to if we could get the Arathi Highlands war going once more. Especially ever since I went to Refuge pointe to find a place to go afk, so I may go to the bathroom and to find it was over run by the undead. Grrr!

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