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Archaeological Dig? More like "Fun!"
Three to five days out in the middle of a desert, surrounded by complete strangers, hostile flora and fauna, not to mention the increasingly hostile environment? Sounds like paradise. It's also probably worth mentioning the incredible wealth to be had...

Literally new civilizations found, some formerly lost civilizations recovered, the new world of Cataclysm offers no real world parallel. It would be akin to finding Atlantis or ruins on Mars. Can you imagine the archaeological boom that would take place? Collectors would be shelling out the gold stuff by the fistful to have first pick from an archaeological haul. Best of all, if raw exploitation doesn't sit well with your lawful good soul, you can say you were doing it all for the advancement of civilization. Donate your share to a museum if you want.

This is just a feeler for an event/community gathering I was planning. Take a night or so to get into Uldum, set up camp and dig down! For the next few days, perhaps have a "happy hour" where similarly inclined folk could sit about and marvel at the history at their fingertips and enjoy some roll based "looting," or just tart about playing poker in the sun. Or both. Roleplay life in a dig camp for a bit before packing up and heading home. Given the complexity of the issue, I wouldn't be too keen on bumping into the natives just yet.

If anybody's interested let me know.
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I was in fact thinking of doing much the same recently (coincidentally, after I started playing the new Tomb Raider yesterday). So, depending on times and dates, colour me interested.
How would the digging be done? I mean obviously we aren't going to change the area in any way, but how will that part of the RP work? Would we just go out and start rolling to see if we find anything, or desperately clawing at nothing? I like the idea of it but am curious as to how that part would go, as I don't see being able to do much with digging. The getting there and the other RP parts of it sound really interesting though.
I figure the first day of RP would be about traveling to a location, perhaps a ruined or otherwise deserted city, and setting up camp. From there you could divide claims, or pool claims together with others for a share of a possibly larger haul, etc. The digging is the hard/tricky part, of course, and perhaps we could come up with a cheeky way of DMing an event every night, threshold rolls to get loot, or perhaps we outline it that every day you'll haul two objects to be decided by you (or have a 0-3 roll to determine haul, again, open to feedback) then RP about showing off our new loot before settling in for the night. In terms of practicality I really do like the idea of having an OOC roll the first night to determine how many objects you'll get over the course of the dig, then RPing around that number.

But there is also RP to be had in terms of establishing a food and water supply, distributing said food and water, caravan/dig site security, exploration away from the dig, nightly games. I just see a wealth of possibilities away from the actual digging.
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I believe we could RP this in areas marked as Archeology subprofession digsites, Aadora. Anyways, yeah, I was intending on making some archeology RP in Cata and perhaps even some events. Count with me.

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