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Articulate, Modulate, Communicate; A guide to communication!
My pleasure really! Thumbs up for commenting and all. Apologizing for everything is hardly needed, as too many apologizes in a row doesn't make the river flow. Wait, a river never flow.. they stream. Ah well. Just breathe out at the end of the day, and know there's another day tomorrow. A new beginning and all that.

Any-how, thumbs up! Thanks for taking the time to post. *Nod*
Psychyn Wrote:I also haven't mentioned the word Mary Sue, or leaned towards it. I even searched the place with the browser I used for the word, and the only time it was mentioned was in your post Cidaska? Any-how, thanks for the posts but please read the entirity of the post and not just the flashy colored bits. ^.~

This is because it is mentioned in the character profiles section of the forum from time to time. The forum changes around, and once a character is approved they delete the topic and move it to the Wiki.
Ah fair enough, maybe I should add a bit towards mary sue statement but at first thought I hadn't because it leans more towards lore which I tried to stay clear off. With searching I meant this thread solely however, I am aware it is (Perhaps heavily) used in profiles, but I admittedly never read profiles unless I'm specifically asked to by people. Even then I tend to slack off. ^.~

I'll think about it and see what I can add to mary-sueness, will also browse the profiles later today and get a vague idea as to how many times it it stated and in what manner. Mary sues per definition ain't bad, as a anti-sue can just be as troublesome to play with, but there's a whole bunch of CotHers that give amazing input in profiles already, so I doubt I really need to state much in here. It would just be a repeating of things that have already been said. Thanks for the input however and I'll definitely look into it! *Sunglasses*

Edit: Consider this above thing delayed! I'll get to it when I can.
Edit2: After five days, I still find typo's in the main post. Shame on me!
I love you Psychyn. This is definetly what the server needed, with all the drama 'nd stuff.
Thumbs up!
Psychyn...I luv you wif all my fluffeh puppeh furriness. :D
*Achem*...Anyways, I find this a very gentle reminder to -everyone- about how we should all respect one anothers choices, as well as criticisms. I just hope that nobody TL;DR's this post, because it made my day. Thank you!
My pleasure, my pleasure. ;3

So many views, so little replies. To those who viewed and not replied, I ask you;

Why not?

Do you find this post so horribly out of line, it deserves no reply? If that's the case, post your feedback and thoughts regardless, and we'll work from there! ^.~

Aka. Bump.
cidaska Wrote:Kind of on the topic of criticism, I notice the word mary-sue is thrown around here without explanation. I've seen a few posts towards characters in the works, or waiting to be approved in the past stating 'This character sounds Mary-sue because of <X>'. The problem I see is no one elaborates on why <X> looks that way. If you just point out something saying it is wrong, and don't explain why it can be leave the other person confused.
Agreed, ive had things like this happen to me and ive seen it happen a lot, the term mary/gary-sue is thrown around far to much than it should be, I myself consider a mary/gary-sue to be "I was born with a rocket launcher and ive killed 500000000000 people in my life time, arthas is my son and my bro is thrall, jaina is my wife, i own a gazilloion billion dollars and I killed varian wyrnn, when I was 5 years old I exploded half of azeroth, im also a vampire zombie who rides a flaming motorcycle across the moon." Now that is a mary/gary-sue :P I have seen it for simple things like say "When first starting training they were a natural fighter" than instantly they'll get 50 (exaggerating, I do that a lot please forgive me :3) posts claiming its a mary/gary-sue and a twenty paragraph long post on why this is impossible. P.S. I applaud the OP!

TL;DR: Agreed, and applaud to the OP!
Venix....I don't want you to have such a negative opinion about the people here just because of Annie. :/

You really do exaggerate how we use the term, and I hope you can understand where we were coming from on that.

Small side note here: Mary Sue doesn't mean OP, Venix. It means a character who just seems to be born with natural good looks, amazing attitude, unexplainable and unlikely powers and that solves problems without even having to try. A "Mary Sue" Is basically just a character that is made to be a generic good guy/girl, most of the things they do being impossible.
So we truly have no comments further / pointers / questions regarding the thread? :P No greens feel like tossing in a coin? No blues want to point out something?

Aka, the last bump before I take the [wip] off and leave it as it is then.
New bump, changed the picture and removed the [WIP] tag. Altered title to have "A guide to communication." in it. For the rest, not much changes, seems this is the final version more or less!

Moving to Guides for general usefulness!
If the forums won't fix the thread by itself.. I'll get to editing it and rewriting the bugged bits.. Sometime soon.

I'll probably run a query that'll replace all instances of that weird character with an apostrophe.

(Posted from teh phonez)
I Am the Sea

Need an easy way to host/link files and images? Check this thread!

Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
Updated this finally! Got all the rubbish out and fixed an typo. By all means, if you see something I missed, disagree with anything or feel like leaving a note ; Do so!

Oh and yes, I am aware alive DK's are banned from CotH. It was an old example which I deemed to be fitting back in the days. I left it there and all as the point wasn't really about DK's but about the wording of sentences instead.

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