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Aryeon Sunsong (Blood Elf High Priest/Noble)


Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Aryeon Sunsong

Character In-Game Name: Aryeon

Nickname(s): Ary

Association(s): The Church of Holy Light, House Sunsong

Race: Blood Elf

Class: High Priest

Skills and Abilities:

Illustrious Arcanist: Having spent centuries studying as a powerful magus for a family of magisters and arcanists, Aryeon still retains a great deal of knowledge of the arcane arts. While of course he no longer practices this knowledge, he is fully capable of sensing, absorbing, and redirecting the magical energy within objects and artifacts, making him a powerful enchanter.

Divine Willpower: Aryeon boasts mastery of the Light as a means of defending the mind from darkness and evil forces, as well as using it as a weapon against corruption.

Age: 1821

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and brown, parted at the brow

Eyes: Hazy fel green

Scale: 1.05

Appearance: Tall in height, broad at the shoulders and wide all around makes Aryeon an imposing sight to behold. In his old age he's lost much of his race's typically athletic physique and has put on some weight, giving him his large appearance. Complimenting his stature is his manner of dress: high priest vestments bearing the traditional blue, white and gold with a large cape that drapes over his shoulders and obscures his body. He also has modest green robe and red cape for traveling.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Aryeon is defined by his compassionate nature, his iron will, and complete dedication to any cause he picks up. He is deeply sympathetic with people of all natures, seeing only victims in a world torn and ravaged by disasters. Even the most heinous of villains have a chance for redemption in his eyes, if only they would seek it out. Make no mistake though, Aryeon is not a young naive fool, despite his idealist attitude. He is aware of the evils that men can commit, and that wrong doers must be held responsible for their actions, he just merely sees them as wayward souls in need of help at the same time.

While his age and wizened nature generally leads him to be patient and insightful, he is not without his vices, most notable are wrath and pride. Wrath for the unabashedly, shamelessly cruel, those who seek only to harm others for gain, and pride in his abilities, his age, and his heritage, while not completely misplaced, can lead him to appear arrogant despite his otherwise humble living.

History: Aryeon was the heir to the magister clan of Sunsong, a powerful and influential noble family whose roots trace back to the Highborne antiquity of Kalimdor. The Sunsongs were arcanists, with fame for being almost a clan of prodigies. Aryeon was no different, and even at a young age he displayed his family’s exceptional affinity for the magic arts. He was capable of weaving intricate, mathematically complicated arcane patterns, redirecting ambient energy flows, energizing living things with radiant power, even creating matter from thin air. He was everything that could be wanted in an heir, and his family saw him as little more than that.

The Sunsong family was hedonistic, partaking in every available pleasure the flesh had to offer. Despite growing up around so many people, Aryeon was often a very lonely child save for the company of his younger brother, Urameil. When he was a teen, and his brother but a school age child, the two would often play pranks around the family estate, and run off into the city streets and markets to cause trouble. These stunts reflected poorly on the reputation of the house, earning punishment and harsh words from the Master of the House, their father. However, the elven youth had a very teflon personality, and whatever cruelties were thrown Aryeon's way seemed to slide right off of him.

Inside his own home was a very lonely lifestyle. Despite the presence of several other young men his own age, Aryeon never found himself able to make any friends, they themselves often busy with private business involving his extended family. It was this isolation that likely drove Aryeon to be such a rebellious man with a free spirited, charismatic personality. His antics won him more than just the endless ire of his father and family name, but also the respect and admiration from many of his peers in the other noble houses. He was the holder of parties, a suave ladies man, and all-in-all a thrill-seeker. As the early years progressed, so did his antics, and his popularity outside the home gave him quite the ego.

Yet this wild lifestyle would not hold the young Aryeon's happiness for long. He yearned for a meaningful life, a fulfilling existence, and thus disembarked from the family for a long, isolated journey of self discovery. This act placed the burden of being the Sunsong heir on the unexpected, unprepared Urameil, who was not accustomed to the dramas of social grooming. It would be many, many years before the wayward Aryeon returned to his family. When he did, the family patriarch had passed away due to unexpected circumstances. He assumed the mantle of leadership from his younger brother, but already a schism was forming between the two elves.

As head of the Sunsong family, Aryeon attempted to set straight the family's indulgent habits with limited success. They were too large, too selfish, and too far down their own destructive paths to be saved. Frustrated and desperate, he turned to one person he felt he could trust and confide in: Urameil. The younger Sunsong brother showed Aryeon his knowledge of darker arcane arts, and agreed to use his specialized knowledge to "help" with the problems of the family. Aryeon agreed, and gave his contributions as well. One fateful night in the Sunsong spire, a magic ritual was performed with disastrous results.

The brothers' magic devastated much of the Sunsong family inside the estate, destroying their souls and killing them. Appalled by the extreme nature of the spell, Aryeon turned on his brother and blamed him for taking it too far. Urameil simply shrugged the accusation off, claiming that he solved his brother's problem. In a disgusted rage, Aryeon attacked Urameil and the two battled, with Aryeon eventually the victor. Urameil vanished soon after his defeat, leaving his brother alone. Afraid and distraught, Aryreon destroyed all evidence of what happened that night, and the anihilation of the Sunsong family became the stuff of local myth.

As for Aryeon, he abandoned the arcane soon after the incident. He dropped his family name and locked away all records of his heritage after withdrawing the family fortune as gold bullion for practical use, and the House of Sunsong was no more. Spiritually drained and lost, the nameless Aryeon took to the Church of Holy Light for answers. He found peace and serenity within the Light, joining the clergy eagerly and serving as a missionary for the rural settlements of Quel'thalas. In due time, he completely forgot about his sullied past, looking only to his bright future.

Being a traveling missionary, Aryeon met all matter of people. Of special note was the Farstrider, Lynda Falconbow. A stoic and stern survivalist, Aryeon had known her before in his youth and taken an infatuation with her, one that was never reciprocated due to his immature nature back then. Now though he was a changed man, and he sought Lynda out as a lover. They were paired together, and soon afterwards were married. Afterwards, the elven ranger would accompany Aryeon on many of his journeys around the world.

With the passing centuries, Aryeon's power with the Light and influence within the Church grew. He was much beloved by the people, a bringer of goodness and joy to their lives. Recognizing his impressive record of selfless feats, the church granted him ranks of privelege up until he was a venerable High Priest of Quel'Thalas. Needless to say, the elf was quite proud of his accomplishments and station in life, and even with such a prestiegous title, he kept to his vagabond, humble lifestyle to travel the world and help those in need.

Things stayed smooth for Aryeon until the most recent century of his life. Having fathered children late in life, he was a bit pressured when it came to fatherhood; his sons Jakub and Harun and daughters Heleen and Alais were energetic and outgoing as he was in his earlier days. Heleen took up the mantle of arcanery; Alais the art of swordplay. Harun joined the Silvermoon army as a Spellbreaker; Jakub studied medicine and practiced archery on the side. Things contined to grow more hectic towards the modern day, too. The arrival of the demonic Horde and their invasion of the world spurned Aryeon to use the Light not only to heal the victims of the war, but also as a power to destroy evil.

There was a short peace following the Second War, but it was not to last. The Third War came and the Scourge annihilated the Quel'dorei people, scoured their forests and corrupted their sacred fount of power, the Sunwell. While fortunate enough not to lose either his wife or children to the undead, the slowly growing magic withdrawal afflicted the magically gifted elder priest greatly. While his faith in the Light held strong, his body could not endure the suffering he felt whenever he tried to call upon its power. Many lives were lost due to his magic withdrawal, and because of this he begrudgingly accepted the use of demonic power to satiate his needs... a choice he would quickly and eternally regret.

Times have changed arguably for the worse in Aryeon's eyes for his people. Falling into the use of demonic power and the public admittance of warlockery, the high priest felt a schism forming between him and his culture. Was this to be the fate of the noble high elves? He certainly hoped not, and throughout this dark chapter in the Blood Elves' history he vocally opposed their evil ways. Fortunately, salvation came with the restoration of the Sunwell, and the elves seemed to see the error of their ways and move onward.

Social drama cleared up for Aryeon, but personal evils encroached ever further on his life. His long unseen brother, Urameil, resurfaced harboring bile and distaste for the priest. He became entangled with the affairs of the fel-sworn Sangreala, whom he tried and failed to save from her own self destruction. Lastly, he has bore witness to the volatile relationship between the Alliance and the Horde explode into a state of all out war - and just when the Worldbreaker, Deathwing, erupted from the earth, creating a danger that must be addressed. Having dwelled on the issues for months, Aryeon has decided it is time to unlock the archives and remake the old House of Sunsong; this time for the greater good of the world. With his political power and religious sway, he hopes to liaison peace however he can in these trying and troubled times, so help him Light.
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