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Au revoir~
Uh, how do I put this..

I don't think CoTH is the right place for me anymore, been here for about one year and a half or so, had a lot of fun, a few laughs, was banned twice. Overall, CoTH was a good experience for me, when I joined I meant to stay here with a friend of mine, however that friend didn't stay, but I did.. for some reason. I enjoyed it and the community was nice. I guess there are a bunch of people that don't like me, and there are a bunch of people that I don't like. But isn't that how life works? I am leaving because well.. I am kind of meh-ish about everything RP/CoTH related. I kind of lost the mood for everything after the last drama thingy that also got me banned. And that's most likely the time when I split away from the community. Possible return? Meh, highly doubtful.

Open spoiler to see what will happen with my characters.
Sorum - Will keep serving the cult.
Azazel - Will continue his magistry work.
Everyone else is not important enough to mention.

Best wishes.
Best wishes, for wherever you might be headed. o/
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Best wishes where ever yer heading. Have fun there.
I will not be forgotten. This is my time to shine. I've got the scars to prove it. Only the strong survive. I'm not afraid of dying. Everyone has their time. Life never favored weakness.

Welcome to the pride!
You were a real funny guy, from what I saw of you. Hope you come back some day!
Ashame I never got to RP with you. Have fun in the future! :)

gnome guy

Nooooooooo D:
[Image: KceuhuX.gif][Image: eKcKrrq.png]
I am tech support

[4:16:27 PM] Cristovao di Silvio ( @CappnRob): theres the bar. then theres the bottom of the barrel, then theres you sachi
Whatever you may think, Sorum, I liked you.

You brought a lot to the server. I will miss you, dear.
[Image: B2hmvU1.gif]
:c Staaahp :(

Best wishes wherever you go :(

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?
Au revoir indeed, et a bientot, as french like me say.
I hope you the best of luck in your quest to finding what you're looking for, aye!
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
Nooo~ Who will Shanne bug now? :[
Either way, your departure is a great loss to the server. We will miss you!

Te salut, Sorum, comrad de al meu şi al ţării!
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

Turns out.. I am horrible at keeping away from RP. I've been pulled back into the RP scene not long ago.
You guys form a nice environment and I guess I will come back to lingering in here if you'd have me.. maybe a bit more noticeable now as I got a few RP ideas, thinking about starting something up but that's for a tiny bit later~

I changed my skype so here it is in case you want to re-add/contact me/chataboutwhateverat1:38AM: just.a.bonus

[Image: 3ox63l.jpg]

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Oh, welcome back, by the way! <3

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