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I just found this video and think its totally awesome, anyone seen it before or am I just a lewzuh who gets everything late?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWgW3oga ... ltM_vFvCdY

Was pretty hawt...And I got a vibe of respect between the two rogues..maybe some attraction..Combat was awesome too, reminder to everyone not to mess with rogues!

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WTF is up with this? ^
Ooh, Percula's "BLIND". Good stuff. It's over a year old; I stumbled across it when WoWInsider (now known as WoW.com) featured it WoW Moviewatch back in December of '08. A lot of people dislike the soundtrack quite a bit, but I find it to be an interesting contrast to what is going on in the movie.

Amazing to think that it's Percula's first machinima. As I recall, shortly after finishing the movie he was laid off from some unnamed company. It's a hell of a project to have in his portfolio, though! I don't think he plans on making any more Warcraft movies, though he does have some independent projects that he's wanted to pursue.

I wish that I had the know-how (and the technology!) to do something like this. I've have the storyboards to a number of Warcraft-based videos for a while, but never really pursued them. I've also had a lot of pages bookmarked with tutorials and free software for quite some time, but never pursued it. I should. Our Horde guild has been wanting a promotional video for quite some time now!

Edit: This is an older WoW machinima that I stumbled across some years ago. I think that, despite how simple it is, it's one of the best ones that I've seen. It's a promotional video for a Taiwanese guild. It was created pre-Burning Crusade (I think even before Naxxramas was released!), which was quite some time before machinima really got popular. Still one of my favorites, even years later.

damn that is pretty sick...You should totally make some movies, maybe some stuff that fits in with CotH?

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WTF is up with this? ^
Well, I've been playing with the idea of making a short video for Conquest of the Horde if I ever did start trying to figure it out. I really like learning new things (and analyzing them), so I've been looking at camera angles and things like that in both real movies and machinima, then learning how to apply similar effects in something I could create. I think that I could come up with storyboards for something for the server, but I'm not quite sure what to do. Subsequently creating the movie would be something entirely different.

Of course, something to the extent of what I would want to do (and the quality that I would like to make it, being the perfectionist that I am) would take months.

Pipe dream!
I watched this through like 15 times last year! xD, It's a really amazing piece of work. Makes me wish I knew how to make a machinima with that much quality!
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The vast majority of World of Warcraft machinima is made using:
  1. In-game footage (retail and private servers, often with heavy modifications),
  2. Heavy application of the WoW Model Viewer (and sometimes WoW Map Viewer), or
  3. A combination thereof.

Percula's "BLIND" is unique in that he spent the time and possesses the knowledge to export the models found within the game, modify them, and then animate them to do new and different things. There are a number of hefty model modifications in that machinima!

That said, there are a number of websites, guides, and movies that can help you create a movie. In particular, I've been relying somewhat heavily on Machinima.com's "How 2 Machinima" series. I've found that Episode 1 and Episode 3 to be of immense help.

Thanks to Vagabond's comments, I started working on my first project: a recruitment video for my Horde guild on Feathermoon. I'm hoping to create my own private server (Kret did kindly offer to phase an area where I wanted to film, but I think that I'd need more permissions to do what I want) so that I can test camera angles, spawn mobs, and watch them in motion. This is also beneficial because -- to my knowledge -- the WoW Map Viewer still doesn't work for Northrend and I'm hoping to use an area in Icecrown as my stage. Once I have everything more or less planned out, I can return to the WMV and then create the more detailed results that I want with greater control. I'm envisioning a battle against the Scourge that lasts approximately three minutes.

It should be a fun experiment and I hope to learn quite a bit!
It won't load for me!

Please, someone describe to me the awesomenicity. Cry
The movie follows the exploits of a blood elf rogue who manages to sneak into Stormwind City. On the way, she encounters a guard, who she knocks out; the body is discovered and a call goes out to rouse the guards. There's a pretty epic fight scene in a nearby bar, during which she defeats about half a dozen guards.

She then bolts out of the building and makes her way to Stormwind Keep in order to complete her task -- which appears to try to take out Lady Katrina Prestor. However, she encounters opposition in the form of a human rogue. They engage in a long, detailed (and a little drawn-out in my opinion) fight.

After taking an injury to her face, the blood elf rogue takes advantage of a lull in the fight to attempt to attack Prestor, who appears in the hallway leading into the Keep. She plows through the guards and reaches Prestor. However, her use of a flash bomb backfires; it allows Prestor -- who is really Onyxia -- to use some of her powers to prevent the blood elf from harming her.

Seeing that her mission cannot be completed, the blood elf releases another flash bomb and flees during the ensuing confusion (but not before trying to bring a chandelier down on Prestor). She leaps to the top of the walls guarding Stormwind and has a moment with the human rogue, who has managed to follow her. They stare at one another and then she jumps from the wall, leaving the human rogue staring after her.
I remember both the Blind and that other guild video... guess I'm not the only one to watch it.
"It's always do Gnomes have a vibration setting... what about Goblins, huh? huh?!"
Just watched BLIND. I feel like making a female belf rogue now...
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Azheron's back in business. For reals.
Just watched both of them, how do they even edit these? There just so... Awesome.. :roll:
Obviously these vids are very, VERY hard to make. Also, I looked into it, and I actually can't get hold of the real/good version of the model viewer. How suckish is that.
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Volshi Wrote:Just watched both of them, how do they even edit these? There just so... Awesome.. :roll:


Didn't see mine?

i hate u fac
Azheron's back in business. For reals.
I saw that on Youtube. Touching T_T, yet.. confusing..
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