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Banned? :S
Hey there, this is bbruinsma speaking here...
My account got banned without any explanation!
I have sent a mail to the board admin but I didn't get any response..
Can anyone please tell me why I got banned? Please contact me on <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected]</a><!-- e -->
I really want to keep playing here... I'm sure we can work it out.

p.s. this is a friends forum account, it is not mine!
This dispute is between you and the GM's, there was no need to introduce the entire community to it. We cannot help you.

As to why you were banned, you most likely broke one too many rules and upset one too many roleplayers . . .
Just wait for the GM's to PM you in private, and keep the issue private.
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Agreed with Lil_Ren and I'm positive you would have been sent an email explaining your banning. That may have just winded up in your spam section, I don't know. Look for it.
[Image: Untitled-332.png]
It's not in my spam section. I've looked for days already...
They are not responding.
And I don't see why I can't post it here...
This IS the GM section right?
Read here and hopefully this will explain enough why it has come to this. I'm sure if you look back you'll realize what you have done and be able to move on elsewhere from it.
[Image: Untitled-332.png]
Links provided are enough explaination. Thread locked.
[Image: Q1-1.png]

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