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Barrens Bash! (04-24-2013)
Barrens Bash


Wednesday, April 24th at 1:00pm server time.


Anyone loyal to the Horde, mostly old Horde.

Lok'tar Ogar, friends!

Times have been hard for the Horde as of late, most of all the trolls, tauren and orcs. The Alliance has been knocking on our doors for the past three weeks and sunk some of our ships. Loved ones have fallen to the humans of the south and the filthy night elves of the north. A great orc had his soul shattered and the hunt lasted for months and the very elements we praise turned against our city with no explanation.

We cannot let the storm of doubt get to us, however, for there is still good happenings despite all this. The great Duron is whole once more, reunited with his strong and loving mate. A caravan of the Alliance was raided and their supplies stolen, with yet another attack being planned. And through this all, two young orcs managed to find love in each other. Even though we take these hits, we still press on for we are not weak like the Alliance!

The newly mated pair, Emra Rendbolt and Thun'tuk Frostslayer, are throwing a grand celebration for all those loyal to the Horde. Rather than center the party around themselves, they wish to share their joy to the rest of their people so that all can come out and have fun for the day. There will be food, there will be fighting and there will be booze! Did we mention food?

[Image: iSAwpGQ.jpg]
The Hunt

Speaking of food, those who come in might notice that there's only so much at the start of the event. Now if we're going to host a grand party, would we not need a feast to match?

The first event will be a contest to see which person can bring back the fattest hunk of meat that anyone had ever seen. The poor chef can't do this all on her own, so she'll be calling for any capable warrior to prove their strength. She's even offering a little gift for the winner, though she's not telling what that is just yet.

How it works

Each person has thirty-minute timeframe to bring back whatever they can find... preferably dead already. When they turn it into the chef, it will be branded with a number. The hunter must remember the number given, for it will be the one called out when the winner is decided. While the beat is being judged, all those who took part are expected to gather by the stage. Once the chef gets all the meat weighed, she will give the number to the contest host, who will then call out the number at the stage. When the winner comes up, they will receive their prize!

During the hunt, players have a chance of finding three animals, however they may only kill one. When the DM calls for the players to roll, the contestants must roll out of 100. The higher the number, the larger the kill. However, a player can choose to pass by an animal in hopes of finding a bigger one if they roll low. They may do this twice. Once a player decides to keep one, they must announce to the DM that they are keeping that roll. You cannot go back to an earlier roll.

Once all the players have called a roll, the event ends. How the animal is killed is up to you, there will be no combat for this one!


Bob and Dawn are both hunting.

Bob rolls a 10
Dawn rolls a 73.

Dawn whispers the DM saying she wants to keep the 73, then emotes killing and bringing back a boar. Bob decides to keep looking. The second time he rolls a 5. This animal is smaller than the first one, however he cannot go back to the first one now. He looks one more time and rolls a 77. He keeps this one, having no other choice, and brings it back.

Bob ends up winning because he looked longer and rolled higher. Dawn cannot roll again as she already killed a creature.

[Image: BlNm7hA.jpg]
Wild Worg Ridin'

While the chef is cooking the meat, everyone can head on over to the arena for a chance at riding one of three wild worgs. Those who don't want to take their chance with one of the worgs can sit on the benches and watch the action, as well as the poor peons who have to round up the angry animal after each person is thrown off. For anyone who's ever seen bull-riding, this would be pretty much the same only with teeth instead of horns.

There are three different worgs in which a person can choose to ride, and someone can ride all three of them, but many only 'win' one section. Each section has a prize, the prize is the same no matter which worg you choose, so in total there can be three winners. The packmaster who brought the worgs in by the cage refuses to say what it is.

How it works
Players wil be lead behind the arena to where the Worg is being held. They will be guided on its back. It won't be able to move at first, as it's stuck in a small area. Riders are given time to adjust onto the back of the creature. Once they're settled, the host will count down from three. Once she yells 'go', the gates will spring open and the worg will bolt out.

Each person has one shot at each worg. The goal is to stay on its back for as long as possible before it flings you off into the arena...or even out of it. The goal is rather simple. Roll over the threshold in order to stay on the beasts back. For every time the threshold is passed, the character has ridden the worg for five seconds. When a character rolls too low, they are thrown off. The lower the roll, the farter they are thrown. Rolling a one would get you flung out of the arena. Whoever stays on the longest for that worg wins!

Once again, when the contest is over, everyone should gather by the stage for the victor to be announced.

There are three difficulties.

Gutripper: (Threshold 30)

Bonemuncher: (Threshold 40)

Necksnapper: (Threshold 50)

For an example: Bob rides Necknapper and rolls a 90, 87 and 25. He passed the threshold twice, which means he managed to stop on top of the beast for 10 seconds. Dawn rides the same worg and rolls a 87, 97, 56, 85 and 10. She wins this contest because her combined time was twenty seconds.

Don't worry, the peons are there to make sure when you fall off, the worg will be too distracted to rip you to shreds. No harm has ever come to a rider beyond being thrown off. The peons on the other hand...lets just say it pays well.

[Image: BY45fZl.jpg]
Horde's Strongest

After getting thrown around by the worgs, everyone will get to take a nice break to enjoy the food they hunted down in the first event. Shamans will provide healing to the ones who get scuffed up a bit too much, or if it's requested of them. Once everyone has their stomachs full and have had a chance to rest, it's time to move on to the next contest!

This event will be used to figure out who is the toughest person the Horde has to offer, at least within the confines of the party. Players will duke it out in the same arena as before, though it will be cleaned up of anything that might have gone in there. All armor above the waist will need to be removed. No weapons or magic will be allowed during this, only your fists are allowed. There will be -no- hitting below the belt or above the shoulder, doing so will get you disqualified.

Just in case it was missed before, when the contest is over, everyone should gather by the stage for the victor to be announced.

How it works

This will work like standard combat. Two players will enter the arena, duke it out with their fists until one is on the ground. There are no 'knock-outs'. Rounds are called when one character cries 'uncle' and can go on no more. To keep things simple and fast-moving, each player will have 3 HP, no crits and no counters. When a character reaches 0 HP, they have to surrender, unless you really want to get knocked out.

When only one is left, they will be declared the victor and receive a prize.

[Image: gTPtOSu.jpg]
Drink Till'ya Drop

Now that everyone is stuffed, beaten up and thrown around, it is time for the last event of the day!

Everyone will get a chance to drink as much booze as they think they can handle. The brewmaster is fairly confident that no one will last more than five drinks of his newest stuff, so we have no choice but to prove him wrong. He's offering a reward to the one who lasts the longest, something about an enchanted mug of some sorts. I'm sure whatever it is will be worthy if someone who can drink that much.

All contestants must sit at a specified area so that we can tell those taking part in the contest apart from those who are just drunk already. While everyone is drinking, peons will be making sure there is always a full mug on the table for everyone to grab. The goal of it is simple: Last the longest out of anyone else and try not to throw up.

At this point, no one is expected to really be able to walk, so no one is expected to go to the stage.

How it works

This one is pretty simple as well. The host will announce over raid-warning to drink as well as the threshold that needs to be passed in order to advance to the next round. When you fail a roll twice, you're out of the contest. How this happens is up to you, be it puking, passing out or just not having the will to cram anything else into that bloated stomach of yours. When the last man is standing...er...'standing' as much as he can, he will be declared winner and given the prize.

Concluding the Event

When the last contest is done, the event will be considered over, however do not take that as a sign that you have to leave. I encourage everyone to stick around and role-play, and all contests can be repeated 'just for fun'. There is a stage for anyone who wants to make use of it for telling jokes, singing or doing whatever it is they think would be fun to do.

Also spanwed is a large bonfire, because it wouldn't be Horde without one.

I suck at titles.
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I wonder if I can get that day off from work...
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will, that allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed.

- Algalon, The Observer

[Image: tumblr_m00qfdoBWr1qd87hlo1_500.gif]

i am sea-bass
Bumping this up as a reminder! This happens Wednesday! And sorry Wind, its' the only day that I could run it that didn't already have an event going that day.
Remember ya'll, this is today!
...Interesting date.
This will be going on in thirty minutes!
Thank you to everyone who came! All prizes will be given out on the CATA server. Our winners are as followed:

The Hunt

Lobo Rendtear - A baby raptor vanity pet of his choice.

Wild Worg Ridin'

Ogukar won twice, technically, however he could only claim one around. Mahen was a runner up in round 3, thus he wins. All three win a prized pick of the Worgmasters litter! [Wolf vanity pet]

Horde's Strongest
Thun'tuk won, besting the High Warlord Kil'shi Rendtear. The prize is to be discussed.

Drink till'ya Drop
Corlmitz is the master drinker of the bunch! He has won an enchanted mug that always has a drink in it when he wants it. [There is an ingame item to represent this.]

An unofficial contest goes to Nozak, who has now been nicknamed the Flying Fellow. While there is no physical prize, he does win the prize of forever being a fond memory for everyone present!
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You're telling me.

That Corlmitz


now has a magic mug of never ending alcohol?

Ancestors help us all.

"What a mess we made, when it all went wrong..."
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