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Becoming Worgen?
Would it be possible or permissible to update an existing (human) character that was already approved to have become Worgen between WOTLK & Cataclysm?
Cayce Northend - Druid of the Cenarion Circle
Micheru Bloodrune - Moonglade Ranger / Vagabond
Gratua Daggermouth - Walking the path of Lo'gosh
Medrit Brightwind - Wandering Swordsmaster
That's already being done! We got a handful of approved Worgen who were pre-approved humans prior to Cataclysm. You just have to seek re-approval and provide why this human became Worgen.

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Resubmit a profile for the character explaining how they became a worgen and update the race section of the profile. That should be all you need to do.

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N-No, don't do this, NOOOOOO! --become a goblin. Or a forsaken raised by val'kyr as a complete dumbass having lost half of your brain.

Well, you can sure, but do you really want to? There's most likely going to be a large flow of them already as it is.

P.S: How to become a goblin? Magic. (No, don't do it. Forsaken is a valid choice, me thinks, and worgen, you can't just pop two green ears, unless you use a goblin holiday mask.)
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I'm actually very against this policy. Allowing people turn their old characters into Worgen just for the sake of it is kind of asinine, if they want the character to be Worgen they should rewrite the history as a Gilnean history. Not just be allowed to tack on a small tidbit "I sneakity snuck into Gilneas and got cursed! Teehee!"
[Image: glarfieldiator_gif_2_by_el_cid_84-d5ebmb1.gif]
The curse wasn't restricted to Worgen in Gilneas; Any in Silverpine, as well as any in and around Duskwood would have been more than capable of transmitting the disease. The latter, while some might debate against it ,is done in the Worgen storyline there.

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Sure, you can get cursed in tons of Worgen infested places, but the "cure" was created in Gilneas with the help of the Night Elves, and there's no indication (that I've seen) that they are going around giving Worgen of the world their sanity.
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Feral worgen are quite the problem, however, and any that can be saved and returned would be quite a burden lifted from the shoulders of the world. I'd be surprised if they weren't giving out the cure left and right to anyone who asked for it.
There's indeed a quest in Duskwood which states that worgen at an early stage can easily be saved, but from what I have seen that's from alchemical remedies, -maybe- night elves cure them too, but I didn't see them wandering around and helping every worgen they see. As for the very feral worgen of a few years in this form, not even potions can save them.

So, yes. Until now I was proven that you can keep your sanity as a non-Gilnean worgen, but not that you can revert to your human form on will much like the starting zone explained to us.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
Night Elves might hand out the cure like candy, but the Gilneans would have a say in who gets it as well, and they aren't exactly the most friendly people. The only reason they sided with the Alliance and Night Elves was out of necessity. Gilneans are predominantly self-interested and will really only look after their own.
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A group of Hillsbrad humans get changed into Worgen by Crowly and his group so they wouldn't fall to the forsaken attacks. The cure is clearly being given out elsewhere, otherwise this couldn't have happened.
Why would the Gilneans get any say in who gets the cure? They developed a temporary potion that gave the player control over his inner beast, sure, but it was the Night Elven ritual in Tal'doren that truely gave balance to the Gilnean worgen. I am, however, not sure whether or not the tree was necessary for the ritual to work (though I would assume so since it justs so happens to be the real world parallel of where the original Worgen were imprisoned in the Dream).
I don't know about you, my dear Reigen, no offense of course, but I didn't see any Hillsbrad worgen changing back and forth from worgen-to-human.
I must agree that they got given back their humanity and sanity, but are they free to shapeshift as they will, or can they even?
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
(04-30-2013, 01:01 PM)Scar Wrote: I don't know about you, my dear Reigen, no offense of course, but I didn't see any Hillsbrad worgen changing back and forth from worgen-to-human.
I must agree that they got given back their humanity and sanity, but are they free to shapeshift as they will, or can they even?

I don't believe that is a matter of 'can or can't', more so a matter of Blizzard putting them into a worgen model so that they can easily be picked out from normal humans. Otherwise if they kept them in human form, I don't think many players would pick them out as being anything but normal humans. A lot of Worgen are in their Worgen forms over human forms for the sake of being able to ID them as different.

Edit: Accent alone wouldn't be able to do it, as these NPCs are not from Gilnaeas thus would not have their accent.
The Hillsbrad Refugees on Fenris are turned into Worgen, yes, but it says nothing about them being cured. And the Gilneans would have a say in who gets cured because it's done in Gilneas.
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