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Blackguards (Prestige Title Idea)
A Blackguard is a Paladin who has gone against his oath and become dark shadow of his former self, switching from a Good aligned to a Neutral evil, or Lawful Evil. These so-called Blackguards are no longer in tune with the light, but have access to more corrupt powers, akin to a Warlock's. A town or region doesn't generally accept these people if news travels fast, and it's a Light worship community. (Blood elves are exempt from this because they do not worship the Light they steal it from M'uru.) The Paladins of the Alliance (Especially humans) will go out of their ways to deal with these fallen Paladins, while Blood Elf paladins will not. Blackguard numbers surged after Paladins could do nothing to combat the toxin that was released by the members of the Legion that infiltrated the Royal Apothecary Society.

Heh… I stole they concept of this from Dungeons and Dragons. I made it fit into Warcraft Lore, and hopefully you guys will like it.
Aleksey:Deceased. Crushed by a Tauren hoof.

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