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Bloodsworn(Chapter 5): Against the Gods

"Let them come..."

Horde ships began to dock at the venerable fortress of Dragonmaw Port.

"They pray to their gods even now!"

In the dark halls, thousands of Twilights arm themselves with dark raiment. Overseeing it all was a group of hellish robed humanoids. From ogre, to man... From gronn, to troll... So many gathered there in great communion.

"The Horde? The Alliance? Lions and Wolves..."

Kathorg's boots hit the wood of the port, eyes raised to the west where the mountains were dark with unnatural cloud cover. Juralek worked to his side, nodding as others disembarked.

"We have fought them time and time again! They may break the land, they may raise black evils, but they whimper and cry as we come to destroy them!"

Thump, thump, thump...
Black-violet elementium boots clanged against stone, the figure was of a large human, shadows pouring off its armor; in one hand was a scepter which surged with vile light.

"They will be blown aside, drowned, burned and buried by our might. We are the chosen..."

Kathorg marshaled forces, demolishers were being pieced together and warriors weighed their weapons in hand. Tabard blowing steadily in the wind, his face locked with grim resolve.

"Let it be remembered that we took the charge. That we made these wretches choke on the blood they so readily spilled! That the Horde rose to the challenge!"

Beasts, aberrations and constructs; all roared with readiness to be unleashed. Lines of zealots with spears raised chanted - sang - in the deep.
Thump... Thump... Thump...
The figure marched still, cloak bending and twisting with violet smoke.

"And all they bring is you? With all their world falling upon them, coming to destroy them. They send just you to be sacrificed? If they are truly heroes... They may sate the hunger."

Bloodsworn warriors were all working, preparing. This was just a port, just the beach, the whole of the Highlands and so many lands past that were waiting for bloodshed. Wolves and wyverns were inspected; even the peons were screened before coming here. These hills have been locked in war for so long... And even now the Twilight's Hammer was bending the land to suit their image of madness.

"Strike each of them down, break their idols and smash their temples to rubble! Free the spirits from their insanity and malefaction! Their gods will bleed!"

The figure stepped past the algamation of robed beings, surveying the legions below. It looked across the great halls, there was a herald screaming out across the praying warriors.

"I know you come for us Gorehollow... Your father died for such heroism. I will kill you just as I killed him..."

Juralek put a hand on Kathorg's shoulder, smiling. They were coming here not just for the Horde, no matter how much Kathorg said it was for the Horde, it was for the whole of Azeroth. He had only an inkling of a clue to what evils lurked beyond, but he was ready. Axe in hand, he was ready.

"My hand, through your chest... Tearing..."

The soldiers cheered and sang of the battles to come. Kathorg closed his eyes, clearing his mind.

"Ripping such a bright soul from your body..."
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