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Incredibly disturbing images. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

In the lands known as the Eastern Plaguelands, it is darkness that rules. The sky is filled with black clouds, cold and strong, big drops of chilling water raining from their concentrated aura and splashing on the blighted, wet and now humid land, creating torrents of absurdly loud noises as the rain roars in the plagued air. And suddenly, a spark of electricity lights the sky, and disperses in many a-ways, forming a horror scene. Boom! the ground and sky soon shakes, as a shouting thunder is heard in the distance, muting the horrendeous sound of the rain drops.

Far over plains and hills, a scream is heard, loud as a screech, between the pouring water. The leaves of a nearby forest are battered by the constant barrage, and another lighting soon spreads upon the sky. Boom! another thunder is heard, closer by, followed by the unmistakable sound of a group of people, all shouting and yelling in exasperation.

'Mara!!', they shouted once, at unison. Deep in the woods, a group of men and some women, bearing torches barely lit, search and remove branches from their face, allowing them to go forever forward.

'Can you hear us?!', they shouted yet again, through the booming sound of rain.

Long minutes pass, but the storm keeps remorseless and relentless. And finally, a shout is heard through and between the tall trees, announcing that the woman they were looking for has been found. Soon enough, everyone gathered around at the base of one tree, to witness maybe the worst scene they ever have. The woman once known as Mara was greatly disfigured, her right arm having been cut down entirely, among with a fleshy part of her very chest. Her destroyed corpse was standing with its back against the tree, legs spread horrendeously, and apparently broken, clothes ravaged, and blood leaking out of a giant amount of wounds and cuts, all fresh, her pelvis among, and shattered, too. Her skull, split open, as though a giant blade has gotten right through it with quite some ease. Her expression was unforgettable; her eyeballs would be missing entirely, blood would be dripping from her front two teeth, as it has flown down from her broken skull, eye sockets and cut-down nose, while her lower jaw was incredibly wide open -impossibly so- and it now just barely laid connected to the skull by some muscles and tendons.

Some people were staring, their jaws open in amazement, while others immedeately turned around to avoid the scene and some were holding their stomachs or already throwing their last meals out.

Who could've done such a thing?
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy

The warning remains!
"Whoever- No, WHATever did this.. it cannot be human."

Two men were discussing. Both were dressed in gray and monotone cloth, covering their entire bodies, and wide and worn hats, giving them an aura of mystery and shadiness.

"And it looks too much for a mindless undead, too...", the one crouched over the body --that was now in a coffin-- said.

"I agree. We have a mass-murdered among us, friends!", the other one, that still stood with his back straight said, turning over to the mass of men and women behind them.

"Aye! Your town is hunted!", the other one continued, as he raised to his stubborn, yet small feet.

"But master dwarf, what could it be?!", an old man shouted from the group. "I've seen lots of disfiguring in me life, but none as gruesome but elaborate! It's almost like.. it's been done with a purpose!", he continued.

"You're scaring the masses, master Berley.", the tall and muscular man said, from behind his lowered hat. "How will they fight if you keep blabbering about what it MIGHT be?", he'd continue, raising his face for the people to see, showing a rather ugly face, a scar running from his brow down to his chin, his lips curled up by the very middle. The mass was taken a-back. They gasped, and widened their eyes, while some covered their sights.

"And ye, me dear friend, are scarin' 'em with yer face! Put on a mask o' somethin'!", the dwarf said, a chuckle soon following, and a grin having had erupted from under his large moustache, above his stuffed, brown beard.

"Worry not, children of the Light, we will find the-", the man started to shout to the mass, when he was intrerupted.

"Amalia was found in the f-", the intreruption was. Strangely enough, though, the intreruption, itself, was intrerupted, as a quite large spear of ice has been lounged from behind the walls right into the messenger's back, tearing through his organs and escaping on the other side, still glowing with dark-green, unholy energies from inside, alike an enchanced crystal. The man, upon the spear's contact with the air outside his chest, threw up a gasp of blood and crashed on the dirty, wet ground right in front of the people inside the town, totally motionless.

A hissed, long, hollow howl --sometimes growling, ironically-- was then heard from the forest, and the two cloaked men rushed to the gates and opened them without any drawback. Their narrowed eyes searched the surrounding immedeate to the walls, but everything seems to have stopped. The strange noise was no longer, as if it was never there; it just suddenly quietened. Too quiet. No song of birds, no gust of wind, no whispering from behind, no rustle of leaves; nothing.

And then, another shout, yet this time not of a human's. A neigh, hollow and with a tendency to echo, came from the road directly out of the town., as a black horse was soon seen trampling its way towards the opened gates, a trail of darkness and shadow behind his hooves and figure, alike a dark flame, his hollow eyes leaving paths of dissipating shadows on where the animal was threading. It came at tremendous speed, one far beyond of what a normal horse could do, direclty into a charge.

The two men readied themselves; they both removed their cloaks, allowing the human --who was in the front-- to prepare his shield and sword, both glinting unnaturally in the light of the dim sun, while the other one raised a crossbow on his hands, aiming a shot. "Fire!", the man shouted, and within seconds, the bolt ran only inches of his face --making his long, black and unwashed hair fly rampart-- straight towards the charger's head.

The bolt impacted with the armor on the beast's face and totally destroyed it, having sinked quite deep in the crazy animal's snout and probably damaging bone. Yet incredibly so, the fast being did not even falter; it continued in its charge just like nothing had happened, the bolt still sunk deep into its head! The man --despite his dwarven friend-- has not relaxed; not yet. His sight was still on the attack; he crouched and let his shield's base sink into the ground, his sword raised high near his head.

Both of these lit up exactly as the charger impacted with the shield. The man's feet, themselves, sunk into the ground, as the mass of shadows slightly pushed him back, along with his shield. But alas, the attack was over with no other loss.
"Life is offensive, people; it's brutal, stupid, annoying, dirty, and at the end, ******* pointless. Seriously, folks, you need to get a grip, alright? Relax yourself!" - Foamy


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