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Brynden Mikain [Gilnean Human]
Character Full Name: Brynden Mikain

Character In-Game Name: Mikain


Association(s): Gilneas Liberation Front

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Hair: Medium length, blonde

Eyes: Green

Weight: 186 lbs.

Height: 5'11'

Usual Garments/Armor:
Light splinted mail, leather boots and bracers, archer's hood, and a tabard of Gilneas.

A Gilnean Loyalist, Brynden has had a hard time adapting to both the sudden end of the years long civil war, and the acceptance of the Worgen. His feelings on re-joining the outside world are mixed, and were he a more adventurous man, he'd see fit to explore it. But he isn't, and he would much rather fight for his homeland, to battle in the valleys and mountains he knows.

Ever since he was a young boy, Brynden loved bows and arrows, he would often sit and watch his father hard at work. His father, was a fletcher and bow maker in the employ of Jackard Brienn, Lord of House Brienn, a minor house sworn to the service of House Vant.

At the age of 10 Brynden was made squire to Janken, heir of Lord Jackard. Janken was 14, and already on his way to becoming a great knight. They traveled the country practicing for tourneys, and growing closer, eventually becoming great friends. Not long after Brynden turned 15, Janken, now 19, was killed by a broken lance during a joust. He was asked to join Janken's brother Homsher as squire, but politely declined. Blaming himself for perhaps not properly fitting his friends armor, or some other misdeed, Brynden returned to his family home disheartened.

With a reassuring pat on the back, his father brought him into their workshop and had Brynden help him with his fletching. It was detail oriented work, and Brynden found it satisfying to focus on. Test firing his arrows quickly made Brynden into a fairly proficient archer, and so he knew where his next path lay.

The growing market for guns, and shrinking profits of arrow work had his family on hard times. At the age of 18, now a man full grown, Brynden joined the Gilnean army to help support his mother and father. His aptitude for the bow saw him spend most of his assignments as lookout atop keep walls in Gilneas City.

When the Rebellion started Brynden was on the side of the Loyalists, fighting for an army and cause he believed in. When a large group of fighters and the rebel leaders were finally captured, he was troubled to find that many of the friends he had made back home were among them.

The Worgen curse began spreading throughout the land, and when the time finally came, Brynden was right there in the thick of it battling the beasts in the streets he had protected for years. With bow and sword he helped Genn's forces fight toward the prison to gain Crowley as an ally. Crowley's sacrifice allowed many Gilneans to escape the city, but so many more had become the very beasts they fought.

Now Brynden finds himself fighting alongside his freed brothers, though not a Worgen himself. Though still wary of many Worgen, he accepts them as great warriors, if not smelling more than a bit too much like the old mastiff kennels.
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Short and sweet. But, uh. Did you miss the Usual Garments/Armor bit?
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Recommended reads: Divine and Arcane. Also, elves.
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Psssssh... Yeah I did. ._.
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Okay, I don't mean to be a nit-picker, but . . .

"His father, was a fletcher and bow maker in the employ of Jackard Brienn, Lord of House Brienn, a minor house sworn to the service of House Vant."

The comma in "His father, was a fletcher" shouldn't be there. It disrupts the flow of the reading enough to warrant correction, at least for me.
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Just pointing this out, sometimes putting commas in like that is used to intentionally disrupt flow and make the reader pause while reading it for effect. I notice a lot of people correcting this in other people's profiles, but I've got to say as someone that uses this a lot unless it's every sentence in a profile to the point where it's consuming it, it probably shouldn't be as big of an issue if it's one or two sentences.

Hope I'm helping, I know I'm not a forum helper anymore, but it's something that I see happening a lot.

Edit: Or if it actually disrupts flow instead of controlling flow, such as... "His, father was a fletcher." In that case, yes, the placement of the comma makes no sense.

Edit 2: Here's a helpful guide for commas. Here.

The way Mikain uses this is a common way I do, where he introduces this sentence. In this case with the words "His father", then uses the comma to differentiate this from the rest of the sentence, which is a proper grammatical usage of it.
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△Move along.△


. . . I stand corrected. Here's to nobody agreeing on commas! Beer

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