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Bulltrup's Introduction
First and foremost: Tell us about yourself, as a player: I've been roleplaying since 2004 and I have always enjoyed it. I have played DnD and done alot of roleplaying on World of Warcraft, both retail and private. I believe roleplaying is just a nice way to enjoy an otherwise boring day. I've done roleplay on so many games and chat systems that I can't take joy in other games as much anymore.

What country do you come from? What is your primary language?: I was born in Tampa, Florida and I still live there today. My primary language is English and I know some Spanish and Russian.

How did you get into Warcraft?: I was introduced to Warcraft II by my father and I have always played the Blizzard games, including starcraft and all the Warcraft series. I bought World of Warcraft when it first came out and have been playing it off and on since then.

How did you find us? Did anything in particular draw you to the server?: I found you through a search on the internet for a private roleplay server after the one I used to play was shut down.

What kinds of roleplay do you enjoy?: I enjoy passive roleplay the most but that does not limit the others. Its just very fun to be passive and not always to be swinging a sword at everything that moves.

What is your favorite race/class? Why?: My favorite Race would be the Tauren and Hunter because when I first got World Of Warcraft I made a Tauren Hunter because I always liked the Tauren from Warcraft III and just wanted to try them out. It worked out well for me and I've just always been a Hunter or Tauren.

What are your expectations of this server?: I expect the server to contain very high amounts of Roleplay due to this application format and it will cause the playerbase to be true roleplayers that are not trolls and be quite tolerant.

Out of all of our rules and regulations listed on our server, which appeals to you the most?: I'd have to say its quite a tie inbetween the Godmodding and Keyboard Skills. Its rather annoying to get your head chopped off because the person you were rping with decided that you could not block their attack. It also ruins immersion when you see "U gimmeh muneh plz" and I just can't roleplay with people that do that.

Lastly, tell us a story! It can be short, it can be long; but most importantly, we want to see your work in action. Go!: Mark awoke to a loud banging on his door. Mark was an average man, with a tanned body and a light muscle tone. He was dressed in a white tabbard with leather leggings and leather boots. He picked up his shortsword which was still in its scabbard and quickly attached it to his belt. Upon opening the door he saw Rodrick, a man of the same height but with a medium muscle tone and was just as tan as him. Rodrick had brown hair and a light beard on his face, his hair tied behind his head in a pony tail. Mark had just woken up so his hair was still a mess, his black wavey hair going every which way. Mark raised an eyebrow, looking at Rodrick as he noticed the moon was still in the sky. Rodrick nodded towards Mark as he spoke. "Good morning Mark Harwitz. Evangelina has a present for you if you would follow me." Mark just nodded, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he followed Rodrick through the city. As Mark looked around he noticed that most of the houses had no lights on as the both of them walked down the street, taking a turn down an alley and into the main market.
"Where are we going?" Asked Mark, to which he recieved no reply from Rodrick as they continued to walk, exiting the cities walls and going into the forest. Mark was starting to get suspicious as they continued to walk into the woods, his hand moving to the hilt of his sword as they walked. After a minute Rodrick stopped and turned around, nodding to someone behind a tree that Mark could not see. Mark looked towards the tree to watch Evangelina walk out from behind the tree holding a brown sack. Evangelina had natural red hair that flowed to her mid-back. She was only a few inches shorter than the two men, her narrow frame making her quite voluptious.
"Hello Mark, I have something to ask of you." She spoke slowly, a look of satisfaction on her face. Mark just nodded, waiting for her to speak. "Would you rather be with some harlot or me? Your wife has gotten around if you did not know." Mark just looked at her, letting her continue. "So I took the liberty of removing her for you Mark. You can thank me later." She grins as she tosses the brown sack towards Mark. After catching it he looks into it, seeing the head of his wife inside of the bag. His eyes immediatly start to tear up as he drops to his knees, having dropped the sack next to him.
"Why did you do this! She did nothing to you!" Mark spoke with his voice wavering, his tears falling to the floor.
"I warned you that I would have you for myself Mark and that no one can have you but me." She says with an even tone. She nods towards Rodrick and he quickly walks behind Mark, his hand drawing his bastard sword. "Now will you accept that no one else can have you but me?"
"You will burn for this you da-" Mark yells before being hit over the back of the head with the pommel of Rodrick's sword, knocking him out as he falls onto the floor. Evangelina shakes her head, the look of satisfaction still on her face.
"He does not have much of a choice. Rodrick, take him home." She waves Rodrick off, quickly dissapearing into the woods. Rodrick nods to her before she leaves, picking up the unconcious Mark and removing his sword if he were to wake up before reaching his house and slowly trudging back, using the back alleys and hiding in the shadows before dropping him inside of his house and closing the door, leaving Mark to deal with his loss in the morning when he awoke.

Is there anything else you would like to add, ask, or otherwise clarify?:
I have nothing else to say besides thanking you for your time to look over my Introduction.
Hello, @bulltrup!

It's my pleasure to welcome you to the server! On the wiki, there's information about our rules and policies. We also have a few guides about the Warcraft Lore and other details, as well as tips for those creating their first characters.

If you have any questions, then you can direct them at our Staff, marked by the color of their names. The Forum Helpers and Game Masters will be more than willing to help you. :)

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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