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C0rzilla's Personals

Re-doing my Personals thread again. Bit of a wipe as I've not played other characters mentioned in forever. I'll update it as I get new ideas. Anyway--

Roux Blackwood
Moonkin Training: Eventually I want Roux to learn moonkin form. The problem is that I have no idea how to do it. It was introduced in Burning Crusade without any lore on its attaining. I have scattered ideas, but nothing solid. If your druid knows the form, would they be willing to take on a student?

Bad Blood: It's fairly accepted fanon that the Church of the Holy Light and Old Ways practitioners have a bad history. I want more of this bubbling to the surface. Roux is actually leaning towards more acceptance of the Light, and I wish to see some zealots bug her.

Brethren: I'd like to see some more Old Ways followers around. Roux needs friends in the faith!

Nemesis: I have a history of heroism on CotH. I miss having an evil nemesis. Gimme. Roux is not the usual brand of "good" (redemption and forgiveness are for suckers), so a nemesis would be fun.
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