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Calloway [Forsaken Caretaker]
You're welcome, Wiki Monkeys.

'''Player:''' Caravan!

'''Character Full Name:''' Cabrielle Calloway

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Calloway

'''Nickname(s):''' Cally, Moth

'''Association(s):''' Alistair Dresden, the Lake House, Undercity, the Horde

'''Race:''' [[Forsaken]]

'''Class:''' Caretaker [[Mage]]

'''Skills and Abilities:'''
“Foster’s Home for Poor Mind-rotten Bastards”: Calloway is currently the active caretaker of the Lake House (at least in name, if not so much in function). This awards her no degree of power or influence other than at some sentimental level as she attends to those who are slowly succumbing to mindrot or those who just want a place to relax and decompress.

Gracious Host: Etiquette? She’s got it. It can appear out-of-place if used in an informal setting, but she’s well-versed in modern (and not-so-modern) Lordaeron etiquette. She has made some effort, through Dresden’s nudging, to become familiar with the customs of the Sin’dorei and the New Horde. So far, it’s not very successful.

“He Always Lets Her Be the Tree”: Cally is a performer and has a passion for acting. Though she doesn’t always get a line right, or can be distracted, she tries very hard to be faithful to the character and to the performance.

Illusionist: Basic illusion mastery, mostly it is used to assist in stage performances or to entertain (herself or others). Tricks-of-the-eye, sleight-of-hands, and things of that nature – Calloway is unable to do more complicated and draining tricks such as creating a mirror image of herself. Goodness help us if she could.

Something Out of Nothing: Basic conjuring abilities.

'''Age:''' 32 at death, 42 at present

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Purple

'''Eyes:''' Empty Sockets (no necromantic light)

'''Weight:''' 120 lbs

'''Height:''' 5’5”

'''Usual Garments/Armor:''' Primarily, she prefers to wear a vest, blouse and pants combination with the preferred colors of purple or pink, though she quite enjoys delving into blues and greens. If she wants to make a favorable impression, she has an old hand-me-down suit from Dresden that is at least two or three sizes too big (but she is very proud of it and has taken exceptional care of the garment). Frequently envious of others’ headwear, Calloway still prefers her standard turban if she wears a head-covering at all – otherwise, she styles her hair in a tall tower atop her head.

The skin of her cheeks is holed with decay and the skin of her chin is completely stripped and missing, which turns even the sweetest (and most well-meaning) smile into a bit of a garish affair. Most of her internal organs are missing, though she has taken to keeping some of the eggs and larvae of her insect pets within her for safekeeping. As these are primarily moths or cockroaches, she’s not concerned of them trying to nibble away at her.

Calloway is markedly optimistic, impressionable and open. She is also highly curious and playful to the point of being mischievous. Early teachings of undeath as a gift and second chance stuck with her, so she has yet to succumb to the despair and negativity that grips many Forsaken. She does not begrudge them their darker emotions, instead she tries to help others cope with it. A quirk that Calloway developed upon Awakening is that she always refers to herself in the third person. Though on the surface she is happy, this may be her subconscious effort to put distance between herself and this grim reality.

In life, Cabrielle was always a daughter of the stage. Her parents were performers, her grandparents were performers, her aunts and uncles were performers. Entertaining was in her blood. When she was born, her parents had settled in to a relatively stable position with a performance troupe in the capital. It was an enjoyable enough childhood filled with lessons in all forms of stage performance (from acting, dancing, singing – with which she excelled and would later specialize in –, and the art of playing the violin) as well as meeting very interesting and bizarre folks.

She stayed with the stationary troupe with her parents until she was eighteen, at which time she began flitting from troupe to troupe. She eventually settled in as one of the star performers of a modest traveling troupe. The rest of the Lordaeronian subcontinent opened up to her, then, as did other reaches of human and elven kingdoms. It wasn’t until years later during a stay in Andorhal that she would succumb to the tainted grain that would lead her to join the ranks of the Scourge.

Calloway doesn’t remember any of that.

What she remembers upon waking into her new reality as a Forsaken is darkness: a dim, damp tomb, insects and a body that had seen better days. It’s uncertain when she had crawled into there or how long she’d stayed wailing wordless songs in a cracked voice to the moth caterpillars she’d found there. She was found by Alistair Dresden, another unfortunate member of the troupe, and it wasn’t until after weeks of patience coaxing that he got her to emerge from the tomb.

Unable to leave her in her pitiful state, Dresden took her under his wing. What she couldn’t remember she was retaught, and she became a faithful assistant to the cleric as he went about his peculiar brand of preaching: offering a helpful diversion to the depressive denizens of the Undercity through the means of their Cirque Macabre.

Over the years, they purchased a small plot of land next to a lake in Tirisfal and built up a complex (simply named ‘the Lake House’). The purpose was to provide a safe place for Forsaken who had difficulty transitioning into (or coping with) their unlife, were succumbing to the senility of mindrot, or who were simply uninterested in the politics and war of the New Lordaeron. Though Calloway was named the official owner and caretaker of the facility, Dresden runs most of the behind-the-scenes business.

Since the Shattering, her life has taken on a new level of activity as she’s had to accommodate an influx of new and unusual guests to the Lake House while trying to keep the original inhabitants calm. Though she still travels around the territories of Lordaeron, it is with a heavier heart that she leaves the Lake House to its volunteer staff.

[[Category:Forsaken]] [[Category:Mage]] [[Category:Character]] [[Category:GM]]
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You're a doll, Caravan. <3

Buuuut I can't approve this right away. As we're so often reminded, we'll need her exact weight and I'm not sure if the phrasing "enjoyable-enough" is intentional, but that's a minor concern. That's all, far as I can see.

Initial approval!
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Adjusted. I'd included the approximate as Forsaken are tricky, what with their slow decay and all that.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Yeah, of course! :)

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