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Camniel Oxworth [Gilnean Paladin]
Player: Duraza

Character Full Name: Camniel Oxworth

Character In-Game Name: Camniel


Association(s): Gilneas, Church of Holy Light

Race: Human (Gilnean)

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities:

Advanced Auras - He can produce additional auras that emit warmth, hope, confidence, etc. Any player chooses whether their character feels the effects of these auras (or how the aura positively/negatively effects them if they choose to be effected)

Hand of Light - Fills a person with cleansing light. Should the person willingly accept the light, it rids them of disease, affliction, even arcane/fel addiction (though, the person does not become immune. They can regain any illness, etc). After using he is completely drained and unable to use again for a period or fight in combat.

Weakened Sword - Due to injuries Camniel has suffered, most notably throughout his right arm he isn't able to bear the burden of physical combat for long. His muscles tire quicker and old wounds start to ache.

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Light Brown

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 6'1"

Usual Garments/Armor: Normally he wears white robes and while traveling he usually keeps his hood down. He keeps a sword in reach unless in cities.

Other: Much of his face is scarred up, leaving him off-puttingly ugly. The same sorts of scars are here and there on his body and his sword arm has some now aging burn marks, leaving the entire arm discolored. For this reason, he is normally covered up from head to toe.

Personality: Camniel is a very serious man. He thinks being a paladin to be a great honor, that comes with even greater expectations. There can be no doubt in his surety of what is right and what is wrong. Not only that, but other men look to him as a standard for what is good and honorable in the world. He sticks very closely to his virtues and refuses to stray from them, less he loose his own way.

He does not restrain his hate of what he thinks is wrong with the world. He freely expresses his hatred of fel, of the undead, and even of his own countrymen who have been turned into worgen. Of course, he does not find them in the wrong, they did not choose the power of their own free will. However, the fact that they accept it is a sin all its own. Those like the Blood elves or Forsaken who embrace the monstrous parts of their existence are made all the more disgusting. And while he has never met an Orc that he didn't try to kill right away, he feels quite certain that he'd hate them from the stories he was told as a child.

History: Camniel was born to a poor farming family living just outside the city of Gilneas. His parents had lost many children before first having his sister, Alicia. Then, three years later he was born, the son they had always wanted. They poured a great amount of work into raising their two children, hoping that one day the two would be able to enjoy a life much better than a paupers. Camniel's parents ate very little to ensure their children were fed, took them to Church and had them educated by the Light. Camniel also worked the farm to grow stronger.

As Alicia grew older she also grew smarter. Soon enough, with the help of a gracious sponsor, she was able to attend an academy in Dalaran. Camniel chose a separate path, remaining in Gilneas to become the squire of a paladin. His master, James Longfreid, drilled the fundamentals of faith into Camniel's head until he could speak of the virtues or the paladin's code with ease. He performed all the duties of a squire while practicing swordsmanship in his spare time. Longfreid was a good and kind master, a man that Camniel grew to idolize. He fought for the Church and carried the principles he preached into every aspect of his life. Camniel wanted nothing more than to be a hero, a savior of the people.

When the wall was being constructed Camniel didn't entirely agree. He respected the choice to protect the citizens of Gilneas, however he thought that turning a blind eye to the world was a mistake. Rather than leave others to deal with the problems of Azeroth he wanted to ride out and face the foes that would appear. It would become one of his greatest regrets, that he turned his back on evil. However, his sister Alicia had returned to live within the wall and he, only 17 at the time, was not ready to face the world head on. He wasn't even close to finishing his training and Longfreid planned to remain behind the wall. Camniel knew he would do no good if he was not tenacious enough, if he allowed a lack of patience to get the better of him. So he remained behind the wall, learning of the Light and not long after serving the people of Gilneas as a full-fledged paladin.

His first taste of real war came with the Northgate Rebellion. Camniel fought against the rebels to repel them, but he did not hate his enemies. He considered them his brothers and understood their strife. The battle made him regret again his choice to remain behind the wall, despite the fact that his years had been good and peaceful up till then. When the worgen curse descended upon Gilneas, Camniel found himself untainted, his body spared the change his countrymen were suffering. Then tragedy hit when Alicia became a worgen and mindlessly killed their parents after her transformation. Camniel captured her and kept her locked up, and a real battle raged on, this time within himself. He wanted so badly to kill the monster who murdered his parents, yet he hoped and prayed that inside somewhere was his elder sister.

For the months that came before the cure, Camniel focused his attention on trying to find a way to cleanse Alicia. He pushed himself, trying to find the light within that could erase her curse. And he prayed day and night that she would just return to normal, that the nightmare would end. When the cure came and Alicia could transform between worgen and human, she too hated her worgen form. She despised herself for killing her own parents and asked Camniel many times to exact vengeance for what she did, a vengeance he refused to claim. Instead he focused on trying to relieve her of the curse, all in vain. In the end, she killed herself, unable to deal with the sorrow, no longer willing to look at herself without seeing a monster. Camniel wanted to believe that he had still loved her the entire time but, he did not. The moment she became the monster, the moment she killed his parents, those were the moments she became something beastily he could not accept.

In fact, there were many things Camniel could not accept. But most of all, he could not live in a world where there was so much destruction. Azeroth was falling to pieces and it made Camniel afraid. Everything that he knew could be wiped away by all the evils that plagued the world. To become the savior he wanted to be, Camniel set off from Gilneas to fight against the cataclysm that shook Azeroth. He battled against Twilight's Hammer, along with others, knowing that if the darkness was not stamped out, there would be no future for anyone, Alliance or Horde. But his battle did not turn out as he wanted. He was burned severely by a fire elemental, losing the ability to move his right arm. He was damaged now, unable to fight, and once again unable to save anyone.

When he returned to Gilneas, the priests of the cathedral told him that they could not heal his arm, though they could soothe the pain of his other wounds. So he spent day after day letting them soothe his pain, and the remainder of the day praying at the altar. He prayed that he could do it again, fight to become a hero. That, should the Light be good and grant him the ability to fight, he would not be as soft as others. He would demand all evils, no matter how small, be eliminated from Azeroth. The world was full of sins and he would cleanse it if only given the chance. A few weeks later it seemed as if his prayers were heard. During a session with one of the priests he regained feeling in his right arm. He felt the pain of his scars, but to him it was more important that he could move it again.
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  • c0rzilla
Quote:Much of his face is scared up, leaving him off-puttingly ugly.

“Scared” should be “scarred.”

Quote:Camniel choose a separate path, remaining in Gilneas to become the squire of a paladin.

“Choose” should be “chose.”

I do not see anything else wrong here~

Initial approval!
Thanks! Spelling errors corrected.
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