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Can't Run with Custom Patch
Edit: Title may be a misnomer. I got the files in fine. It's getting the Patcher settings to be accepted that's causing the problem.

I did all of the steps mentioned in this , but one problem arises with the patch. When I attempt to run the game with the patch setting "Disable WoW.mfil" checked, I get the error: "Cannot stream required archive data. Please check the network connection."

When I uncheck it, the game runs fine, but I'm not seeing Murcablo on GMI. Any ideas?

Also to note that using the pre-patched files from the downloads subforum causes the same issue.

I pretty much always direct people to this particular thread since Kretol's solution here worked very well for me when I was experiencing similar issues. Try it and see if it works!

EDIT: When downloading that archive, you don't have to manually patch your Wow.exe. It's already patched in that archive.
(10-05-2014, 11:31 AM)Loxmardin Wrote: When downloading that archive, you don't have to manually patch your Wow.exe. It's already patched in that archive.

Well, what I meant was that I also used those pre-patched files without manually patching them. To put it plainly, I've tried both methods with no success, the same error.

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