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Can't run wow.exe

I've reinstalled WoW using the complete torrent (not the four-part one), but it refuses to run. It will load for a while in the task manager (but never show an icon or anything) then show this and close :

This application has encountered a critical error:

ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal condition!

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
ProcessID: 5724

Failed to open required archive Data/wow-update-base-15211.MPQ with error : 5

Streaming Status: Data Rdy

Wow.mfil download error: Failed to parse patch data from server 'http://logon.conquestofthehorde.com'
InstallID: 'WoW'
Manifest is valid.

I've copy-pasted the realmslist from here. I use Vista 8.1. I've also re-downloaded the CotH folder with no change.

I have also looked through the CotH search, especially this thread, and none of what was suggested worked.

Any hints please? (If you tell me to download the 4-part torrent, please kindly point to help on installing the WOD skin patch with that version).

Thanks in advance

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I had that yesterday, did you already add the WoD patch to it? If so then take it out and put the original sound file back and then try and run it as admin.
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Vista 8.1. i c wut u did thar

Anyways, this is probably an issue with the streaming client. Those have been cropping up recently. The Mac client torrent might be the best bet since WoW for Mac and PC have the exact same files, but run off either a .exe for Windows or a .app for Mac.
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There are a few things you can try.

For instance, run the torrent again to check that the game hasn't eaten up some of your data files. That happened to me when I first installed it. To do this, either try to redownload the torrent into the same place you did the first time(the things you've already downloaded will remain. It'll just fix up your client if you ended up accidentally patching), or if you've left the torrent up in your torrent client just right-click and Force Re-Check it.

Then, get RunOnce.Bat from the forums. Run that once. And then try playing.

After you've successfully gotten in-game, exit and apply the new models/exe. That's all.
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